PJ and Jim from Classic Hits Radio talk fashion

PJ and Jim from Classic Hits Radio talk fashion

PJ and Jim from Classic Hits Radio talk fashion

PJ and Jim from Classic Hits Radio talk fashion. Early risers in Dublin, Cork, Galway and other parts of Ireland will be very familiar to waking up in the morning listening to the shenanigans and banter that that go on between two of Ireland’s favourite DJ’s, Jim McCabe and PJ Gallagher as part of Classic Hits FM radio early morning programming.

With the pair encouraging their listeners to “Wake Up Happy” every day, the infamous tag team continue to gain listeners year upon year because of their genuine love for having the craic live on air.

Fashion.ie caught up with the award winning duo to find out more about the guys behind the mic and to chat about fashion and get their own opinions on the fashion and styles of today!

PJ and Jim from Classic Hits Radio talk fashion

Jim McCabe & PJ Gallagher supporting Variety’s “Heart of Learning” campaign

OMG what can I say about PJ’s fashion look? Well he loves big prints, especially if the image contains a horse or Tiger.

He likes his clothes to look like they are tattoos and Tommy Hilfiger definitely fits into his fashion look! Although in saying that, PJ had this mad jumper with the images of swans all over it that he got from Top Shop and he really liked that for some mad reason or another!

Jim dresses like the coolest football hooligan you have ever seen. He reminds me of a Chelsea fan on the terraces in his nice t-shirts and jeans look! He’s has a great appearance and looks good all the time. I’m jealous of his style really!

Yeah, I suppose it is in a way! I do put a bit of thought into it in the realms of my budget. I like nice clothes that feel good on and like most people I want to look somewhat respectable when I’m out and about or at work!

God yeah! I try and get the attention away from my head LOL, hence why I always love wearing big prints with bold logos on my clothing! Big, bright colours are for me!

Jeez that’s a good question. I remember wanting lots of different fashion things when I was younger, and I remember getting a pair of Adidas Samba trainers as I always wanted them as they looked cool and I thought I was the business wearing them!

I got them around the same time when those mad Guinness jumpers first came out and boy where everywhere.

PJ and Jim from Classic Hits Radio talk fashion

Classic Hits Radio Presenter PJ Gallagher

I sure do and it was one of two items. The first was a pack of three underpants with mad designs. The first set of Y-fronts were a brown paisley design.

The other had a racing car on them and the third has an image with a guy with a gun (mad stuff and we talk about it all the time) I also had a Red Benetton Jumper with loads of Eiffel Tower images on it and I mean loads. There must have been 60 in total!

The most expensive fashion item I have is actually Baume & Mercier watch that I was given as a gift. I don’t know how much it’s worth, but I know it’s expensive!

Well I was given a Rolex as a gift and also have my Kenzo Jumpers. They are worth about €200 each and I love wearing them although when you wash them, they come out of the dryer like a packet of crisps!

It has to be either David Beckham or Ronaldo as they always look cool. Becks could wear a bin bag and still pull off that great fashion look!

Jeez I’m not messing it has to be Horse racing TV pundit, John McCririck. He wears a big Sherlock Holmes hat and a watch the size of his face!

Those side burns and clad jackets gives him that mad eccentric fashion look at even makes the horses look jealous! If George Hook dressed like McCririck we would all be talking about him all the time!

PJ and Jim from Classic Hits Radio talk fashion

Classic Hits Radio Presenter Jim McCabe

I actually do and I love strolling around the shops like Dundrum Town Centre, checking out clothes. I’m not great at people buying stuff for me and my missus Yvonne won’t buy me clothing because I’m just one of them people who likes to pick out my own clothing!

I go through different phases of what brands and type of clothes I like such as the Superdry brand.

I love shopping for clothes as I get very brand enthusiastic! I get into the likes of Fred Perry for six months and anything I wear in that time has to be Fred Perry!

Then I’ll bounce on to Lyle & Scott and at present it’s Kenzo! Mad stuff but I have different fashion phases that makes it more fun!

Yeah, only because I’m lazy! I do hold on to fashion pieces thinking I’ll have a reason to wear them again but that rarely comes around!

I might take a fit of going through my old clothes and doing a big clean-out, but I still manage to hold onto stuff that I simply won’t throw out! I have a linen shirt that’s years old and still in the wardrobe and I simply won’t bin it for some mad reason!

I’m pretty good at throwing stuff out and stay on top of things because I live in an apartment and don’t have much space. However, I’ve got this one suit that I bought back in 1996 when I was a bit over weight and it’s really baggy!

I paid about £500 at the time for it and now I’ve lost weight I still won’t throw it out as I look at it and think I paid a lot of money for that and you ain’t going nowhere as baggy fat suits just may come back one day!

I’m even thinking of bringing it to an undertaker so he can give it to someone who died as he would be the best dressed fella in the cemetery!

I have these two T-Shirts, one is a Superdry and the other is Abercrombie & Fitch and love them. They feel great and comfortable! I also have a pair of blue suede shoes that I wear quite a bit!

I have these green pair of runners with an orange heel but I can’t remember who makes them. They are really fancy and every time someone asks me who makes them, I make up a fancy French name to make them sound good!

You know they are good as they age every time I wear them and go with everything! I also have another pair of gold runners that are deadly too!

God yeah! I remember I was at a summer wedding years ago and I was wearing a tope colour suit and it was bloody expensive. I looked like an ice cream seller and one guy at the table where we were sat kept ripping the urine out of me. Hence that suit has never made it out of the wardrobe since that day!

Years ago, I was a mad rocker and I had a black leather jacket that I wore with a denim jacket over it! I was trying to grow my hair long but because my hair is naturally curly it looked like I was growing a beard on the back of my head!

It was this bush and I look at photos now and think to myself, what the hell were you thinking! It was great at the time and a good laugh!

I go through these phases but anything from Superdry is good for me as they fit well on me. Tom Ford fashion also looks the business and is very smart but it is very expensive!

I love the Prada brand as it looks amazing! I don’t have any Prada items in my fashion collection but if I had my way, I would dress like Tony Soprano every single day. I’d even eat more food and put on weight so I could dress like him! Paul Smith clothing is always cool as well as being smart and trendy fashion. However, I’ll probably change my mind next week!

I don’t trust myself shopping on-line and PJ will tell you I’m the most indecisive person in the world when it comes to fashion. I like to try before you buy as, otherwise I would end up with a lot of clothing that may not suit me and would have wasted lots of money because I couldn’t be bothered to send it back!

Like Jim, I like to try it on or at least see it before I buy! I once got a loan from the Credit Union years ago to buy clothes and when I got them delivered I didn’t like them at all and couldn’t be bothered sending them back so it was a total waste of money!

I remember some fella telling me once that you should never wear horizontal stripes if you are carrying weight as it makes you look wider!

Not really sure why he was telling me that or whether he was trying to tell me something! Another time a bloke told me that you should always match your socks to the colour of your shoes and not your trousers!

That has to be Jim telling me not to match my socks with my trousers, the blind leading the blind heah!!

Again, it has to be David Beckham as he can wear anything and look great

It has to be the Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau. He can pull any fashion look off! He could turn up to a bush fire in Canada wearing a T-Shirt, jeans and Timberland boots and he would still look great!

Charlize Theron always looks great and she is a stylish lady! Amy Huberman is also a classy lady as she is Ireland’s answer to Princess Diana or Jennifer Aniston.

Uma Thurman as she’s the type of women who could wear a tracksuit or posh dress and looks like she could kick ass! Glenda Gilson is another one that springs to mind! She is annoyingly beautiful and always looks amazing!

Definitely worse. When I was growing-up we had so many different types of styles like mods, punk and gothic fashion. You had fun trying to create your own styles to fit in with the group you were in.

It represented who you were and what type of music or food you liked. Today it’s all so boring and no one really has any fashion identify anymore which is quite sad!

I agree with PJ as there is no group fashion anymore and people are more interested in how influencers think you should dress than listening to yourself and wearing what you would like to wear! The kids of today think it’s more important to be influenced by others than thinking for themselves!

It has to be Simon who works for sales here. His fashion look says he is getting ready to join a boy band and we are always joking slagging him. The guy has style you have to give him that!

  1. Prada Jumper or shirt
  2. Gucci Tracksuit with a tiger on it
  3. The new Manchester United Jersey
  4. Valentino runners
  5. Gold pair of expensive runners

I’d love to get a tailored shirt and jacket made for myself by some big fashion designer like Tom Ford. Wouldn’t have much change after that!

I’d get French fashion designer, Jean Paul Gaultier to make me my own sailor stripe T-Shirt with a huge image of Popeye on the front with Popeye wearing moustache. Secretly the Popeye image would be me. It would be class and I’d make sure I had a matching hat to go with it!

I’d love a serious pair of shoes and nice suit. It would have to be a fashion statement piece like a Louis Copeland suit as his gear is smart, practical and very stylish!

I think we all should all be a lot more conscious of where our clothes are coming from while ensuring that the people who make them are paid properly for their work. I think more should be done to highlight this by the manufactures. We all have to play our part to ensure we are doing the best to preserve the world we live in!

I totally agree with PJ and I think we are all guilty of not considering the impact our buying decisions have on the planet before purchasing fashion goods.

Thankfully things are changing and information on the origin of fashion goods is becoming more freely available due to the internet. More must definitely be done to preserve the planet for the future generations!

Jim McCabe and PJ Gallagher are definitely two genuinely funny guys whose style of radio presenting is funny and unique.

We at Fashion.ie really enjoyed our chat with the lads and for anyone looking to “Wake Up Happy” every morning between the hours of 7-10am, then tune in to Classic Hits Radio 94-105FM. A Must for the mornings!!

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