Maang Tikka

It is an age-old tradition for Indian brides to wear the maangtikka at their wedding. This traditional ornament is an integral part of the bride’s jewellery during her marriage that protects the bride from any negativity and helps to ward off evil. Today women of all ages, unmarried and married, wear this ornament as a style statement. The maangtikka worn by women in different states has different names. In Rajasthan, it is called the Borla and is round in shape. Muslim women call it the JhumarTikka and wear it on one side of their head. It is intricately designed and embellished with stones.

Punjabi maang tikkas are enormous and cover most of the forehead. South Indian women wear the maangtikka in the middle parting and have two round broaches on either side, signifying the sun and the moon. Marwari brides wear maang tikkas with Meenakari design, and the Maharashtrian brides wear the mundavalya. Kashmiribrides wear it semi-circular in shape made in silver or gold and studded with stones. The pendant style maangtikka suits both saris and lehengas.

The choice of the maangtikka for the bride is based on the shape of her face. Brides have a wide variety of traditional maangtikka with earrings set designs to choose from to match their attire and look stunning on their special day!

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