Important styling tips every tall man should know about

Important styling tips every tall man should know about

Important styling tips every tall man should know about

Tall people tend to have it easier than most. They have a higher life satisfaction and are handy when it comes to reaching things on the top shelf. However, it’s not all good. Travelling can be a pain and clothing choices are limited.

Many brands tend to tap out at six-foot-two. Which means that you find clothes that are have billowing cuts or short hem lines. But all is not lost. You can still look great and embrace your fashionable side. Keep on reading here at Men’s fashion Ireland for the essential style tips every tall man should know.

If you are tall and on the slim side, keeping your outfit too simple can make you look taller and slimmer. The best way to fix this is by breaking things up. add some contrast to your look. Avoid wearing one colour from head to toe and play around with patterns and textures.

You want to add bulk by wearing layers. However, you don’t want to completely disappear into your clothes. So try and get somewhere in between. Think about your vertical axis and go for clothing that has some sort of horizontal pattern – like stripes. Colour blocked t-shirts are another great option. Wearing something vertical will make you look taller and slimmer….but if that’s the vibe you want, go for it.

Important styling tips every tall man should know about

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No matter what height or shape you are, the key to looking good is to wear clothes that actually fit you. One thing guaranteed to make you look taller is your ankles poking out from the bottom of your trousers or sleeves that do not reach your wrists.

Finding clothes that are made for tall men can be difficult. However, online shopping means we have access to more styles of clothing than ever before. There are many brands out there that specialise in clothing for tall people.

As a tall man, you have freedom to experiment with different silhouettes so go for it. Be edgy by wearing some pleated trousers or try tucking in your shirt in to accentuate your shape.

Any outfit can look amazing with the right details. And while bulk may be your best friend, those fabrics need breaking up. To do just that, go in with pockets, zips, buttons or even patches. Yes, patches are back in style. These details will move the eye around rather than just focus on one solid colour. So, people will be totally distracted by the details of your outfit to focus on your height.

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