Iconic and stylish ways to wear your boots with jeans

Iconic and stylish ways to wear your boots with jeans

Iconic and stylish ways to wear your boots with jeans

People have been wearing boots with jeans for a long time. And it should be as simple as owning boots and jeans and wearing them together. But it isn’t.

Some styles work best with others. Then, there are boots that are meant to be poking out from underneath a flowing pair of jeans. So if you are unsure of what jeans style work best with your statement boots, here are some iconic ways to wear both.

Boots that fall on the tall side should not be hidden under a dress of baggy jeans. If you own some slouchy boots, tuck your jeans into the tops of them and let your shoes shine.

Iconic and stylish ways to wear your boots with jeans

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Ok so tan suede boots may seem more winter footwear but who says you cannot wear them all year long? Wear ones that hit right at your ankles and pair them with 7/8 length jeans.

The rest of your outfit is up to you so long as they fall into the tan or camel category. And if you are wearing a bulky top, make sure you give it a French tuck. This will help you give more shape to your look as a result.

Add a touch of colour to your look with your boots. If you are wondering how to wear your brightly coloured boots – say deep purple or fuchsia – you are in the right place.

When your boots are bright, let them be the statement piece of your outfit. Do not hide them by making your look the same colour. Stick to your tried-and-true blue jeans and avoid a long denim style.

Levi’s 501s are an eternal favourite of celebrities. And when you are choosing a boot to wear with them, you need something that is equally iconic. We are talking black block heel boots. Tuck them under straight-leg jeans and finish with a cropped jacket. Boom! Legs for days.

For those of you who are not fans of wearing heels, we got you. Motorcycle boots are still a firm favourite of celebrities. But they truly belong with skinny jeans that hit above the ankle. With their rounded sole and bulky straps, these boots are not meant to be worn with excess denim.

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