How to wear a little black dress this winter

How to wear a little black dress this winter

How to wear a little black dress this winter

How to wear a little black dress this winter. A little black dress AKA the LBD is a true wardrobe staple for anytime of the year. However, the winter months is a complexed season to style this vintage piece.

By adding extra layering like tights or long boots under your dress will keep your lower body half warm even during low temperatures.

Adding a bright coloured statement coat or attractive material over your dress will allow you to stay warm and fashionable all season.

We have picked out a few ideas to help you get that great fashion look from your little black dress this winter.

How to wear a little black dress this winter

Principles Black ‘Core’ Knee Length Suit Dress from Debenhams Ireland

By simply adding light but fitted turtleneck under a sleeveless dress can keep you warm yet still stylish. Consider a black turtleneck for easy pairing.

Be more adventurous and choose a colourful turtleneck. This works well in winter as it can brighten your overall appearance. Make sure to pair with matching shoes, bags and other accessories for the completed look.

You can really compliment your little black dress look by simply adding a blouse underneath. Blouses with unique detailing, like crocheted sleeves or a distinctive high-necked collar, can overhaul your dress look completely. Cream or whites go best for that chic natural finish.

If you are looking to maintain style with warmth then consider pair your LBD with some black tights. This will help keep your legs warm.

This is an easy yet versatile way of styling your dress for the winter season. It doesn’t require much effort and can easily be incorporated into any kind of look.

All-black tights are the easiest option and give off a more classic look. However, coloured tights are also another great option. Just ensure you choose a winter-appropriate shade and disregard neon or overly bright colours.

How to wear a little black dress this winter

Peace + Love Black Lace Buckle Blazer Dress from Missguided

Pair with leggings for extra warmth. If you feel the chill more than others, black leggings can create a similar look to regular tights.

Try and choose plain black leggings that are constructed using light material. You don’t want them to look bulky or baggy in any way. They are a great option but should be your last option.

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