How to upgrade your fashion outfit using a brooch

How to upgrade your fashion outfit using a brooch

How to upgrade your fashion outfit using a brooch

No longer reserved for your grannies or vintage fashion lovers, brooches have made their way back into the world of fashion.

Whether worn on your lapel or adding attitude to your leather jacket, a brooch is a great way to add some individuality to your outfit.

Here at Ladies Fashion Ireland, we show you some ways to upgrade your outfit using a brooch.

A brooch is the ideal way to add some flare and personality to your outerwear. From classic designs to something more elaborate, wearing a brooch with your favourite jacket can take it to the next level.

Berets have found their way back into people’s wardrobe lately and we are glad they are back. They are the perfect way to make a style statement this autumn. And an effortlessly way to dress them up is by using a brooch.

Whether you have one that is a classic metal design or swing more towards a vintage look, the ability to customise your hats are endless.

How to upgrade your fashion outfit using a brooch

Newbridge Silverware Vintage Brooch with Black Stone Setting

Redefine your boring bag or plain purse with a brooch. Simply add your favourite one to your stylish handbag and turn it into a street-style worthy item.

Not only will a brooch make your bag look and feel brand new, it turns your accessories into unique pieces no one else has.

Wearing a brooch is not only stylish but it can be practical and hold your scarf in place around your neck. With plaid or patterned scarves, you may want to opt for a simple brooch. But ornate designs can work with simple colours.

But just imagine your silk scarf draped over your shoulders and held in place with classic vintage brooch.

Add a couture and embellished look to your shoes by using a brooch. A plain pair of pumps can be elevated with a pretty brooch to give it a designer finish. A vintage brooch will make any shoe look expensive and luxe.

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