How to style your plaid wool coat in 2021

How to style your plaid wool coat in 2021

How to style your plaid wool coat in 2021

When the weather outside is cold and miserable, we love nothing better than wrapping up in a cosy coat. And what better coat to choose than one made of wool. It will keep you warm and dry when it’s cold out. Additionally, if you get one in a plaid design, you will look bang on trend. If you are looking for style tips on how to style a plaid wool coat in 2021, keep on reading here at Ladies fashion Ireland for our tips.

Is there anything that does not go with your little black dress? This tip is especially for you who feel you cannot mix black and navy together.

If you have a red and navy wool coat, simply pair it with your LBD, some tights and boots. Pairing it with black will make sure that the plaid really pops. You can keep the dress simple and let your coat be the main star of your outfit. for a particularly trendy look, make sure your boots are over-the-knee ones. If you love the film The Devil Wears Prada, this look should remind you of Andy. While her outfit is all black, your plaid coat will look just as chic.

Dark skinny jeans and chunky knitwear are wardrobe staples. So, why not pair them with your plaid wool coat? A cream sweater with dark wash denim and boots always goes well with a wool coat. You can even wear them with the coat from the previous outfit tip. To make the red and navy stand out, be sure to wear your sweater in a neutral shade. This will brighten up the dark colours of both your coat and jeans. To balance out your look, finish off with some beige ankle boots.

A pair of jeans and a t-shirt work just as well with your plaid coat as they do on a hot summer’s day. And the best thing about this look is that there is no overthinking involved. Just slip on your favourite graphic tee and you are done. If you are not feeling the graphic t-shirt, just swap it for a plain one and it works just as well. Tuck your tee into the waistband of your jeans to balance your figure and keep you looking taller and slimmer.

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