How to style Men’s rugby shirts in 2020

How to style Men’s rugby shirts in 2020

How to style Men’s rugby shirts in 2020

They are back guys and yes the coveted rugby shirt of the 90’s is a “go to” piece of fashion for 2020.Since its introduction back in the 90’s as a casual fashion staple for men, the rugby shirt is back in style. Its look is not only masculine but a soft fashion safety blanket for men of all ages.

As an easy fashion garment that can be paired from relaxed to smart casual, the rugby shirt can enhance any guys day to evening fashion look.

However, it’s how you pair your rugby shirt with the rest of your wardrobe that really matters. From jeans and chinos to trousers, your rugby shirt should blend in effortlessly with your outfit for a true stylish finish.

We have put together some easy ways on how to get the most from your rugby shirt look. These

First things first, the rugby shirt is a fashion statement garment. It comes in a wide range of colours, designs and fits so getting the one that suits your look is important.

From bold to contrasting shades and colour-blocking, all will get you attention if styled correctly.

Similar but not the same as the long-sleeved polo shirt, the rugby shirt is seen as a relaxed piece of apparel. Don’t confuse this as a formal piece of fashion as it’s not.

Yes, it can be worn as smart casual bet never for a formal occasion. Here are some easy ways to wear your rugby shirt for 2020.

The key to pulling off this daily look is to get the fashion balance look right. One of the most respected casual fashion looks for this year is pairing your shirt with straight-cut dark or light denim jeans and white trainers.

Try and ensure you keep your rugby shirt neutral in colour, so it doesn’t clash with the rest of your outfit. This is why jeans are the preferred and safe option to pair with your rugby shirt.

For something a bit smarter casual, pair the pattern and colour of your rugby shirt with grey, tan or navy chinos or with straight cut mid jeans.

Add boots or shoes with a neutral bomber jacket or sports jacket and you have that smart finish. Anything that features baggy side pockets takes away from its perfect look so avoid at all costs.

The rugby shirt may be considered by some as the first real pieces of athleisure. As an adaptable piece of fashion for everyday wear, you can make this look sporty with a few fashion adjustments.

Stripped Rugby shirts are great for this look. By simply adding sports leggings, joggers and even knee length shorts you have the perfect sports combo. Opt for solid colour blocks with your choice of rugby shirt.

This will make it easier to pair with other neutral colours of your wardrobe. Complete with a pair of white trainers. Classy yet stable.

This is when you let your normal look take on a real “trend” of its own to fit in with the look on the street. This style should represent your own personality using colour-blocking, embroidery and large logos.

You can either go back in time for that retro feel of the 90’s fashion and pair with caps and baggy jeans. Or simply fast forward to today’s street style and pair with skinny jeans or leggings.

Chucky trainers area great finish with a puffer jacket at the ready. However, freestyling should only ever be tried for those of you up to your early twenties. Any age after that isn’t cool.

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