How to style ladies grey coats this winter

How to style ladies grey coats this winter

How to style ladies grey coats this winter

How to style ladies grey coats this winter

The New Year is behind us but we still have a few more months before temperatures start to climb to anything decent. Stylish outer layering is still a must.

The correct grey coat can give any outfit that great Parisian meander and turn your look from plain to effortlessly chic in an instant.

Here at Ladies fashion Ireland we are going to show you how to style your grey coat this winter. Choosing the correct style that suits you means you can enjoy it for many winters to come.

There are so many coat outfits you can create by including a stylish grey coat. It is ideal for both work and pleasure. Grey looks professional and very smart and makes it a great option for office fashion.

A long line bold grey coat looks fab when fused with a black pencil skirt or culottes. By adding a comfy pair of nude pumps adds a touch of elegance to your overall finish.

For something less formal, fuse your light grey coat with a pair of denim straight leg jeans. Add a pastel colour block blouse and add a smart pair of black ankle boots to complete this fab look.

How to style ladies grey coats this winter

Grey Double Breasted Ladies Coat

We all know the importance of layering during the winter months. However, none of us can afford to make our assemble look like we are drowning out in fabric.

Take your plain colour block leggings (black is safe) or jeans and fuse with an oversized sweater. Add a pair of knee high ladies boots to elevate your look and elongate your legs.

For those of your beautiful petite gals, opt for waist line finish grey coat. This is very flattering when a belt is added which throws more emphasise to your waist. Add a pair of black leather trousers or skirt as this look provides for the perfect hourglass shape finish

When those days aren’t so important but you want to stay in line with your fashion look, introduce some accessories to your fashion finish.

Pair a comfy colour block sweater with a pair of fitted black leather pants. Add a pair of white sneakers and beanie hat to your grey long-line grey coat.

One other look I love which is a bit more dressy but not formal is the cigarette pants and turtleneck combo. Pair these with brogues and grey fitted blazer and it looks oh so chic.

Winter is always dull and grey so it’s all about adding some bringing your  grey fashion look to life. This is why when styling any type of grey during dark months its vital add a pop of colour to your outfit to make it vibrant.

Shades of red (burgundy and cherry) fused with grey and black are subtle but not OTT. Fuse your choice of red tone sweater with a pair of black skinny jeans. Add a black pair of ankle boots and complete with your grey coat.

For those of you who love to accessorise, add a black back with gold or silver trim to make your overall fashion and accessory look more interesting.

The past year has been a nightmare for most of us having to deal with COVID-19. It deprived any true fashionista from showing off their last fashion looks while confined to their homes.

As we make our way through 2021, the way we live our lives is going to change and this will impact on the way we dress. Most of us will still continue to work away from the office environment for the foreseeable future.

However, fashion will still play an important role in our daily lives. Also formal dress may be taking time out, smart casual is the new norm. This allows us to be more inventive with the way we dress.

While spending time away from those important zoom calls, think relaxed fashion and how to look smart but relaxed at the same time.

For those of you working away from the office but still have errands to run think or meeting your bestie for a coffee, think casual.

Some great relaxed items to include in your wardrobe this season are leggings, jeans and sneakers.

Pairing any of these with various shades of your grey coat will be easy and give you that smart casual fashion finish. Just remember to balance your tones.

Two great relaxed styles I adore are that sporty aesthetic look where you fuse your black sweater with sports leggings pair of white sneakers.

Add your grey coat and don’t forget your crossbody bag for your keys and phone.

For those of you who adore denim, add your denim shirt and jeans with your grey coat and leather boots. This adds a type of retro retrospect to that great casual finish.