How to Make Choker Necklace at Home – Our Best 9

Women and girls today wear the choker necklaces that look pretty trendy and chic cool boho style ornaments that look exclusive and cute with any outfit. Unlike the necklaces that hang low to the chest line, choker necklaces are worn around the neck in a way that it touches the skin all around. Or say it is worn tight fit around the neck. Chokers are made in many ways and can be easily made by one self at home. Choker necklaces are available and can be made with any metal pieces, beads, leather, lace, strips, and clothes such as velvet and can also be crocheted or made with strings available especially for choker making.

How to Make Choker Necklace at Home:

Let we have to look at the best ways to how to make choker necklace.

1. Black Rose Pendant Lace Choker:

How to Make Choker Necklace at Home - Our Best 9

A black rose pendant with a black diamond in the center can be stuck in the center of a velvet strip of the length of the neck size. The simple velvet or other fabric belted chokers are one of the easiest methods of how to make choker necklace at home for anyone. All you need to do is simply get a velvet black choker band and attach a black rose charm to it in the center. For the ends, you can either use a lock chain or hooks.

2. A Velvet Choker with Dainty Scrolls:

How to Make Choker Necklace at Home - Our Best 9

When the question arises how to make a choker, the most instant idea can be a choker make from ribbons or velvet strips that can be scrolled daintily with hooks and clamps and some chains to hook them back of the neck. To make the choker, cut two velvet bands of equal length. Take a silver ring and double fold the bands till it the center of the band. Lock the ends with hooks for opening and closing facility on the other side too.

3. Large Pearls Choker:

How to Make Choker Necklace at Home - Our Best 9

Large pearls attract the most just like the smaller ones. Hook them up with thick silver wire at the extreme ends and a DIY choker will be ready to be worn with a charm on the neck line. The dainty large pearls will look brilliant with a show style on your outfit. This simple choker is made with a sterling steel neck ring with closing ends, and two similar size pearls inserted in the center.

4. A Denim Choker:

How to Make Choker Necklace at Home - Our Best 9

Denim DIY choker necklaces can be made so easily with fewer efforts. Just add two clamps at the ends of the right sized of the neck denim strip and hook them up around the neck with the pins. The blue denim lights up your funky style with your cool denims and top. This simple choker can be made by cutting a neck piece of you neck size from your jeans. Make the jeans rough from both the ends and stitch out hooks for proper fittings at the back.

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5. Braided Leather Choker:

How to Make Choker Necklace at Home - Our Best 9

Braided leather choker necklaces look cool enough to bring your attire to a bold image. The black leather braided choker necklace DIY idea can easily give you a statement look with your own efforts. To make this choker, simply stitch out braided leather string to the velvet neck piece. Make it lose enough to wear and then can be tied for a perfect fitting.

6. Thick Champagne Choker:

How to Make Choker Necklace at Home - Our Best 9

A thick champagne choker necklace is also one of the easiest simple and sober choker necklaces that can be made at home. How to make a choker of the silver champagne lace is as easy and the same way we make the velvet strip choker. To make the choker, get a readymade champagne piece from the market. Cut it to the size of your neck. Simply attach hooks on both the sides.

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7. Floral Lace Choker:

How to Make Choker Necklace at Home - Our Best 9

Laced choker necklaces look mind blowing at ceremonies like weddings. The beautiful floral lace can be fixed around the neck with the help of lace clasps behind and give a necklace effect to the jewelry. The choker can be made from white net material or georgette material by cutting from the edge work. Cut the portion with your neck size. Attach strings at both the ends to give a firm hold on the neck.

8. Silver and Turquoise Beaded Choker:

How to Make Choker Necklace at Home - Our Best 9

Beaded chokers are also the simplest DIY chokers that can be made by anyone at home. Simple clip down the beads from a wire and give a clasp knots at the ends of the wire with the required chains at the end. For making this choker, you need to get a wire and several beads in silver and blue. One by one enter all the beads and join the ends with clasp knots for locking at the neck.

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9. Suede Wrap Cord Choker:

How to Make Choker Necklace at Home - Our Best 9

A suede wrap cord choker looks dynamic and simple yet cool on any girl. You can even decorate the choker with crystals all over the DIY choker or with tingles hanging from the choker. A warp of the cord around the neck and hanging ends with tingles at the ends look superb. This simple to make choker only needs a long string with two similar charms at the ends. Wrap and tie a lose knot for a fashionable look.

Chokers naturally look awesome with the black color designs as they get highlighted on the neck but golden or other beautiful colors also look splendid with matching outfits. Some girls also love to make the chokers with the help of strings tying them with knots making exclusive designs. Crocheted chokers are also easy for girls who know the art of crocheting. The crochet choker necklace looks fantastic and covers almost full neck with splendid designs.