How to ensure your makeup stays sweat-proof

How to ensure your makeup stays sweat-proof

How to ensure your makeup stays sweat-proof

Have you ever spent a long time on your makeup, getting it looking flawless, only for it to melt down your face? Annoying, right?

With the weather being unusually warm nowadays and more people wearing face masks when we go outside, you might experience your makeup melting even more. Here are just some tips that can help keep your makeup intact.

We cannot drive home the importance of skin prep when it comes to applying your makeup. Not only will using a moisturiser keep your face looking smooth, but using a primer will keep your makeup intact.

How to ensure your makeup stays sweat-proof

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After applying your makeup, be sure to set it with powder. Powder formulas will help absorb wetness from your skin. Using liquids or cream products can emphasis that wet look. Use a loose setting powder to set your base and keep your makeup intact all day.

Let’s face it. Sweat is inevitable. We all sweat. We’re human. It’s happens. And if you say you don’t sweat, we know you’re lying. And sometimes it’s better to just embrace what’s happening that ignoring it.

So if you do find your skin getting shiny throughout the day, work with what you got. If your eyeliner smudges, don’t feel the need to reapply. Blend it out and rock that smoky eye. The good thing about a little sweat is that it can make your makeup easier to blend. If your blush or bronzer starts to get blotchy, use clean fingers to smooth everything out.

And if you think about it, a face that looks matte on a hot summer day will always look unrealistic. So, remember, start with a good base, stick to powder products and keep blotting sheets with you at all times.

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