How to create a skincare routine for mature skin

How to create a skincare routine for mature skin

How to create a skincare routine for mature skin

As you get older, you may find that your skin has a drier texture or fine lines and wrinkles appear. While you may think you need to stock up on every expensive anti-aging product available, creating an effective skincare routine for mature skin is not difficult.

Keep reading here at Makeup & Beauty Tips Ireland for our breakdown on building a skincare routine for mature skin.

Cleansing your skin will get rid of any dirt or bacteria that can potentially clog your pores. However, because mature skin can be dry, you don’t want to use a cleanser that strips away any natural oils from your skin. So choose one without any sulfates or harsh ingredients.

Moisturised skin is happy skin and we especially need that moisture as we get older. Our skin gets drier as we age so to brighten your complexion, slather on an anti-aging moisturiser. Not only will it give you much needed moisture, but it will reduce dark spots, fine lines and wrinkles.

Between acne scars, hyperpigmentation, sun damage and air pollution, dark spots are incredibly common amongst people with mature skin. To help fight this hyperpigmentation, try using a dark spot treatment that promotes cell turnover to reveal younger-looking skin.

As we age, the skin around our eyes become thinner and prone to crow’s feet. So, why not incorporate an anti-aging eye cream into your routine? It will provide some much-needed moisture to your eye area and keep it looking plump and fresh.

We know we talk about SPF a lot but there is a good reason. Regardless of your skin type or your age, you are always at risk of sun damage. To help to protect your skin from harmful UV rays, make sure you apply SPF 30 or higher every day. Try to incorporate it into your morning routine so it becomes a habit.

If you are not using retinol in your skincare routine, we recommend starting as soon as possible. It can be used to increase collagen production, which slows down as we age. Not to mention that it improves your skin’s tone and texture and who doesn’t want that?

However, as retinol can cause skin sensitivity to sunlight, be sure to apply your SPF throughout the day to keep your skin protected. Also, treat your skin to a face mask one or two times a week.

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