How to build your perfect wardrobe whatever your lifestyle

How to build your perfect wardrobe whatever your lifestyle

How to build your perfect wardrobe whatever your lifestyle

With different routines and activities, people’s wardrobes vary. And that is the beauty of it. A college student may live in comfy joggers while a CEO lives in suits and blazers. If you are figuring out what is the best fit for you, keep on reading.

When you are working towards becoming the next CEO, your wardrobe is full of professional items. But that doesn’t mean you cannot keep things fun.

Adding some texture and details will help revamp your look. Your suit doesn’t have to be well tailored. It’s okay to rock the oversized trend.

It’s best to own at least one suit, however. It doesn’t have to be expensive. You just need to be able to style it. Sometimes, you can mix it up with a plain turtleneck instead of a shirt.

How to build your perfect wardrobe whatever your lifestyle

Esprit Rust Knitted Roll Neck Cotton Jumper from Next

A pair of chunky pumps will let your strut to your conference room in comfort. And when your shoulder bag cannot handle your work needs, that when a tote one comes in handy.

If you work in an environment that is a bit laidback, casual chic will be your speed. You have the freedom to wear ladies jeans and jumpers and to show off your style. There are some style tricks to help elevate your denim game.

First, invest in a reliable jacket. For a cute and cosy option, choose a teddy coat. High-waisted jeans are the best ones to own. They will look good on everyone and can look very professional. They also pair well with any top and a pair of mid-calf boots.

Specifically, those of you who have early classes. Well, before lockdown. If it was acceptable, you’d probably show up to your class wrap up in your duvet. But you can look cute with minimal effort.

First things first, get yourself a comfy pair of grey joggers. You’ll instantly feel better wearing something that’s cosy enough to sleep in. Oversized hoodies are another essential to own. Finish your look off with a pair of trainers and a book bag and you’re done.

How to build your perfect wardrobe whatever your lifestyle

Waist Slim Fitted Jeans from Vero Moda

While wearing black all the time is a lifestyle in itself, not everyone can find pieces that work well together. But don’t let that stop you from trying.

To break up your all black outfit, play around with different textures or subtle details. You cannot go wrong with skinny jeans and boots so invest in a comfy pair. If you need a break from your go-to Teddy coat, switch it out for a bomber one.

And to keep all of your essentials together, belt bags are the most convenient accessory ever. Just tie it around your waist and you are all set to walk out the door.

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