How to apply your makeup when wearing a face mask

How to apply your makeup when wearing a face mask

How to apply your makeup when wearing a face mask

While makeup right now may not seem like a necessity, it can help to create a sense of normality in these overwhelming circumstances.

For people starting to integrate back into the workplace, adjusting their makeup routine to incorporate a piece of cloth can be a challenge.

Here at Makeup and Beauty Tips Ireland, we show you how to do your own makeup while wearing a face mask.

Because of friction, wearing a mask for long periods of time can lead to irritation. Which can lead to breakouts. As I’m sure most of you have experience at this point.

To avoid this, use a heavy moisturiser before your makeup to create a barrier. This will form a slip so that you mask doesn’t irritate your skin throughout the day.

Sunscreen is a must, but you want to keep your product light as foundation can transfer onto your mask. Use a light BB cream with SPF built in. after that, use a buildable concealer and press the formula into your skin so it stays put.

How to apply your makeup when wearing a face mask

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We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. Skincare is key to your makeup looking perfect. So, use a good primer to ensure your foundation stays put all day. Using a mattifying formula will keep oil and shine at bay and grip your makeup. And don’t forget to lock everything in place with some translucent powder.

If you want to make an impact when your mouth and nose are covered, you need to pay attention to your eyes. Using shimmery shades will draw in light so the attention immediately goes to your eyes.

To make your peepers seem bigger, drop your under eyeshadow lower than you normally would. Finish off by highlighting your inner corner to reflect the light.

Unruly brows will stand out even more when half of your face is covered. Take some time to brush through them so they appear more ‘put-together’. After you pluck the strays, use brow gel to hold the hairs in place and fill in sparse areas with a pencil.

Just avoid heavy eyeliner as this can close your eyes. As half of your face is covered, you want your eyes to appear big and open. So, ditch the liner and use some mascara instead. But always make sure to start with curling your lashes.

Then, apply your first coat of mascara and wait for it to dry before applying your second. Using layers will help you avoid using too much product and your mascara clumping.

This will help to keep your lips hydrated under your mask. The friction can cause irritation, resulting in you constantly licking your lips. as a result, you run the risk of damaging your epidermal skin layer.

Using a lip balm with hydrating ingredients such as shea butter will keep your lips happy and healthy for hours.

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