How men’s printed blazers can rock your fashion look

How men’s printed blazers can rock your fashion look

How men’s printed blazers can rock your fashion look

The recent explosion of patterns and prints reflects men’s desire for a bolder and braver approach to their style.

Designers and brands have all fought to being their strong personalities into the basics that form your wardrobe. And this year, it’s tailoring’s turn to get a makeover. From colourful blazers to ones with a healthy dose of print, this menswear essential has gotten a bold new twist. Here at Men’s fashion Ireland, we will show you how to rock the blazer look.

A printed blazer is an ultimate style statement. However, when compared to the nature of the piece, the contrast of the print makes it look intimidating and kind of unwearable.

How men’s printed blazers can rock your fashion look

Allthemen Men’s Casual Elegant One-button Printed Floral Pattern Blazer

So, try to tone down the boldness by pairing your blazer with simple and neutral pieces in your wardrobe. They won’t clash with your blazer and let it be the centre point of the outfit.

With the abundance of print and patterns exploding onto the fashion industry increasing, being able to mix and match is an advantage.

On the surface, mixing two patterns in the same outfit is always risky. But it is a look that you can pull off, provided you do it with confidence. More of that in the next tip. The rules of wearing complimentary colours applies here. But there is one extra rule. Your patterns should be as different as possible. That means try wearing stripes with florals.

Like with anything you wear, the secret to pulling off wearing a printed blazer is to be confident. Despite being a statement piece, without the confidence to wear it, you will find that it does the opposite.

The likelihood of you being in two minds about wearing a bold print means it probably will not see the light of day. So, our advice? Be confident and go for it.

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