Long before the SPF’s and waterproof makeups made into the market, it was the hats which protected a person’s head and face from harsh weather. Hats come in different styles and designs to protect the head region, cover up baldness, as well as add some style element. Today, hats are used as accessories to ‘dress up’ and turned exclusive beachwear and summer wear elements.

So, if you plan for a day outing in hot weather or a holiday by the beach, packing a hat is as essential as the rest of your clothing. There are so many varieties of hats for men and women which let you style differently. While the goal is still to protect your face and head from heat, adding a couple of hat designs will let you experiment with looks.

In this category, we have put together a list of articles which talk about the different designs of hats and their benefits. From baseball hats to bowler hats, beach hats to bucket hats, you can explore the amazing world of hats here. Each article talks of a specific model or style to help you choose better.

You can check out the latest models and styles under each category to upgrade your fashion game. Next time you step out of your home, do it in style by sporting the most trendiest hat designs ever!

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