Fresh ways to wear a scrunchie with any outfit

Fresh ways to wear a scrunchie with any outfit

Fresh ways to wear a scrunchie with any outfit

One of the most popular and retro accessories to own is the scrunchie. The word conjures up images of people in the 80s and 90s living their best life. But how do you use one to make a style statement? We are here to tell you how.

Do you want to build your Insta game? You can do just that by wearing a colourful scrunchie. Add a scrunchie to a high ponytail to add a twist to a mundane style.

And if you really want to head back in time, pair your scrunchie with a denim jacket and high-waisted skinny jeans.

You don’t have to wear your scrunchie in your hair. Add a little sass to your outfit by wearing one around your wrist. This is perfect for anyone out there who constantly lose their hair ties.

But we swear you are less likely to lose your scrunchie if you are wearing one around your wrist as a statement accessory.

Hear us out. Your scrunchie can be the perfect addition to your keychain. Why not be unconventional and carry an extra scrunchie on your keys. Plus, you will always have an spare hair tie wherever you go.

Fresh ways to wear a scrunchie with any outfit

Brown Leopard Satin Scrunchie from PrettyLittleThing

We all love a messy bun, don’t we? When styled right, they can look cute and effortless. However, your scrunchie may not be strong enough to hold your bun in place. So why not use it on top of your regular hair tie. This way you can spice up your everyday hair look.

And don’t be afraid to go bold with colours and patterns. You can start by wearing bold colour around your friends before conquering the wider world.

Braids are a classic hairstyle that can be created in many different ways, so why not finish yours with a scrunchie? As mentioned already, they can be a great way to add some colour to your hair. Or you can jazz up your look with a funky scrunchie in a cool pattern.

We all know what it’s like to have your hair in your face all day. So, keep your hair in place with a braid and make a fashion statement at the same time.

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