Fashionable ways to style men’s leggings in 2021

Fashionable ways to style men’s leggings in 2021

Fashionable ways to style men’s leggings in 2021

In the past, leggings were normally reserved as relaxed casual fashion choices for women. In the fashion world it was frowned upon for guys to even consider donning a pair of any type of leggings.

Well the good news for all guys is that men’s leggings are the “in thing” especially since COVID-19 restrictions with some of us working from home.

No more are they restricted to gym wear but can now be included in all types of stylish casual daywear. Dress them up or down, that’s up to you as long as you maintain some type of structure to your look.

Here at Men’s fashion Ireland, we are going to take a look at easy ways to style men’s leggings for the year ahead. You don’t have to be a true fashionista to know how to style them. All it really takes is a sensible approach and knowing when and where to wear them.

Like any type of clothing, get the size right to suit your body and look is important. Leggings that look draggy or loose just don’t work.

Then again, super tight leggings aren’t the answer either. You need a pair that hugs your body without constraining any type of movement.

One sure way to test your leggings fit is to bend down and try and touch your toes. The leggings should work with your body without riding up at the rear or ankles.

Remember, that leggings are designed for comfort. The right fit is always going to be a priority to any type of sensible or stylish finish.

For most guys, plain colour leggings are the only choice whether it’s for the gym or that relaxed look when chilling.

However, men’s leggings can offer so much more when mixing up colours and prints into your look. I’m not saying you have to go crazy with any psychedelic with your look.

Fashionable ways to style men’s leggings in 2021

Men’s black leggings from adidas

Black or navy leggings with small print detailing is a great way to take the leap across to that great print leggings look. It also makes your leggings look more interesting.

Note of caution thought, neutralise your above waist look when wearing printed leggings. It balances out any cool looking finish.

Away from the gym there are easy steps any guy can take to nail that great casual men’s legging look. The simplest of all is the hoodie plus leggings assemble.

Seriously, this is so simple any guy can do it. For the best look, pair dark shades bottoms (blacks, greys, navy) with a plain colourful hoodie.

It’s basic but effective. Large logo hoodies are the “in thing” for 2021. However, these can be distracting and for something simple but relaxed smart go for a plain men’s hoodie.

This is for you guys who want toad a bit more style to your leggings look. Switch out that hoodie and replace with a tee and bomber jacket with brogues finish.

Opt for a neutral t-shirt and fuse with dark leggings and black bomber. It’s like perfect the perfect loungewear look, but with a smarter finish.

Even a smart blazer combo with dark plain leggings work when paired with boaters. It’s a bit more of a dapper finish.

I love pastel colouring as it works all year round. Dark shades of navy or black leggings look fab when fused with pink, lilac, coral or lemon polo shirt or tee. These hues can brighten your look up even on the dullest of days.

Yep, accessioning is the new buzz word for men in 2021. Women aren’t the only ones to enjoy the experience and enjoyment of accessorising.

A simple man bag can change the theme of your look in an instant. However, stick to dark shades like black or browns that contrast with the rest of your assemble.

A non logo baseball caps in single shades look fab that can keep your overall look chic and simple.

When choosing any type of men’s leggings also ensure that you have items in your wardrobe to wear them with. Look for shades of tees, polo’s or hoodies that can be paired with ease with your leggings.

Always choose quality over price when buying leggings. You want them to be hardwearing given they will be following the contour of your body at every move.

Men’s leggings are here to stay so enjoy them. Don’t be put off by others who say “you are too old to wear them” or “they don’t suit you.” If you get the right fit and colour coordinate them properly, men’s leggings suit any guy. How you style them is up to you!

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