Fashion tips to styling suede this spring 2021

Fashion tips to styling suede this spring 2021

Fashion tips to styling suede this spring 2021

Suede has a reputation as only being suitable as spring summer wear which to some extent is true. Based on the type of suede finish you choose, some strands tend to absorb more moisture than others making it uncomfortable.

However, given spring in on the way, there are lots of ways you can enjoy the great fashion look of suede without looking like Billy the Kid.

Here at Men’s fashion Ireland we are going to look at simple ways on wear suede this spring 2021. Suede can be very effective as any cool men’s fashion looks and it’s your choice and style of suede that’s going to nail your fashion finish. First of all let’s look at what suede exactly is.

The material suede comes in many shapes and forms and is originally a type of napped leather. The term “Suede” comes from the French term “gants de Suède” which is Swedish for :gloves”

Suede is made using the underside of animal skin which is a more softer than the outer skin of the animal. Items made from suede commonly come from lambs, although deer, calf and even coat skin is used nowadays in constructing jackets and footwear.

One of the great things about suede is that is great for all seasons depending on the style you choice. It’s a true insulator for the body and a great choice for springtime fashion.

Fashion tips to styling suede this spring 2021

Men’s Brown Signature Biker Jacket

With the weather during spring varying from warm to cold, suede jackets are the most popular choice for men. The likes of the shearling aviator jacket can keep you warm and stylish during the springtime months. Fused with jeans, it can be worn over a sweater or shirt.

Colour balance is key to nailing any great suede fashion look with brownish shades being the most popular. For a more formal look, the suede bomber jacket is smart and can be easily paired with men’s chinos and boots during spring.

Given springtime is around the corner, the suede gloves are best left to the more colder months o winter. However, you can switch gloves out and replace it with a cool light suede vest worn over a white tee with jeans.

It’s velvety texture can lift any guys fashion look in an instant. A stylish tan or black manbag can also be a great addition to any casual day or evening fashion finish.

What’s not to love about men’s suede boots or shoes? They are cool and stylish and can nail any great casual or smart fashion look.

The only thing really to remember when suede footwear is concerned is to ensure you maintain them with waterproof protective spray. This adds longevity to any suede footwear.

Given its spring 2021, men’s suede brogues (light shades) are fab as casual footwear choices. They pair easily with both jeans and chinos. Suede Desert boots can have the same effect.

Moving up to something more smarter for them more stylish occasions, the suede Chelsea boot. These normally come in shades or tan or black which can be worn with trousers (not suits) Add a neutral colour block jacket and bingo.

One of the best things about today’s fashion is the choice of different of synthetic choices of material that replace the need for animal skin.

You can still enjoy that super suede look without actually putting any animal skin near your body. The likes of faux suede or Ultrasuede are great replacements to traditional suede products. Always consider this as an option when choosing your next piece of suede.

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