Fascinating Facts and Trivia for Every Jewelry Enthusiast

Fascinating Facts and Trivia for Every Jewelry Enthusiast

Jewels have a long shared history with us. Whatever reason it may be that you wear a ring or a necklace, it’s something that shows the world who you are. We all know how frustrating it is to buy a ring you really like, and then suddenly, your finger turns green because of the copper. Buying from a trusted website or shop and knowing what precious materials the designer uses gives you peace of mind that the jewelry you buy is long-lasting and of a certain quality. The most common precious metals are gold and silver, both of which are used in jewelry. Platinum is also often used in the making of art and jewelry and is widely traded.

As long as humans have been around, they have always worn forms of jewels. It’s a way of identifying each other and recognizing our individuality. In ancient times, we started wearing symbols to identify our tribe. We then realized we were mortal and feared for what would happen to us in the after-life and sought the gods’ clemency by covering the dead with precious metals. We also started believing that some stones would protect us and give us luck, and carved them so they could be worn. Each material had and still has its symbolic value. The ornaments became religious, and from being religious, they went on to be a statement, and from a statement, jewels eventually slid into fashion, beauty, and aesthetics.

It’s also a lovely idea to offer jewels that really mean something to our loved ones. Wearing jewels or stones that signify our relationship to one another can make us feel spiritually connected or closer to our loved ones. For example, birthstones are a lovely way of remembering the most precious people in your life, and what better way to show this than offering them their individual precious birthstones? This is why it’s essential to choose carefully the ring that represents you. It’s a way to express yourself and what matters most to you. The reason why you shouldn’t skimp on the choice of jewelry you wear is that a meaningful ring, jewelry, or indeed anything you wear, gives you a strong sense of feeling. Wearing a ring that doesn’t mean anything to you won’t make you feel anything when you look at it, but wearing a ring that was passed down from your great grandmother, for example, is going to have so much more meaning, legacy, and love connected to it. Perhaps the most important part of choosing a piece of jewelry is the feeling you get from wearing it.

 Metal: The Symbolism

Since the dawn of time, humans have tried to discover the healing properties within certain precious metals or gems. Let’s start with gold. It’s said that gold absorbs waves of pure energy and spirit. It’s also related to the element of fire and activates the energy of life- Chētanā Shakti or Prana, as it’s called in Chinese. Wearing gold is also known for its ability to withstand wear, damage, and pressure. As for silver, it’s said to regulate moods, improve blood circulation, and help with joint pain. Although you may know platinum for its industrial uses, since 1939, jewelers have started crafting it, realizing its malleability and affiliation with silver.

There are indeed many myths and beliefs surrounding jewelry. For example, in India, by wearing a mangalsūtra (which is a gold and black necklace), along with the brilliant color of vermillion and many bangles, it’s thought that a woman will then be protected from evil.

But then, what about the spiritual significance of what it means to wear rings on each specific finger?

People don’t often consider what ring should go on which finger, apart from the obvious one. The ring finger, since the dawn of Christianity, has been a symbol of marriage. The reason for its placement is because it’s the only finger that has a vein (called the superior vena cava) that leads directly to the heart. Of course, it’s a symbol not only of love, but also status and situation, and it communicates a clear message to the world. Why don’t we pay equal attention to what our other placements of rings mean?

Wearing a ring on your pinky finger is said to represent Mercury, which is often associated with communication, intuition, quick thinking, and creativity. This is why most artists often wear rings on their pinky fingers. While wearing a ring on your middle finger can symbolize balance and integrity, a ring on your index finger is often seen to demonstrate power and self-confidence. It’s not uncommon for men to wear rings on this finger. The thumb also has a diversity of meanings, the main one being freedom or to show you’re free-spirited. The next time you wear a ring, perhaps think carefully about which finger you put it on and what message you want to communicate to the world.

Indeed, most people don’t give a second thought about what it actually means to wear a ring, what benefits the precious metal has on the body, and the effects of the jewelry. The main reason we wear rings is to enhance the elegance and beauty of our hands, but it’s worth remembering the healing powers and energies encased in each piece of jewelry you choose to wear, and most importantly, the feeling it gives you.

It’s worth noting the use of animals in jewelry signifies what that particular animal represents. Arguably, the most powerful animal to wear in any kind of jewelry would be any cat. Be it a lion, tiger, or jaguar, cats are known for their stealth, power, fearlessness, and pride. If you’re looking for a gift for a partner, a family member, or a friend, a jaguar ring is a perfect present for any occasion. The design in this collection is original, ethical, and made from either silver or brass.

Now, we’ve explored the history of jewelry, the importance of original design and ethics, the differences in the precious metals, and what rings can signify. All that’s left for you to do is to enjoy your jewelry for what it means to you.

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