Eid Outfits You Must Try This Year

Eid Outfits You Must Try This Year

Ramadan is roaming around the corner, and it is the time to plan for Eid outfit. This Eid, however, is going to be totally different from what we have been celebrating for years due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Even continuing Ramadan seems to be collective uncertainty. But we should have faith in Allah and importantly believe that Allah will be releasing cheers and happiness and making this Eid special for us.

We must put emphasis on cleanliness and the idea to make ourselves look more presentable. To pray, we should take care of perfecting ourselves the best, from abulations to taking baths and self-grooming to prepare ourselves for Jumma (Friday prayers). Putting forth the best appearance is the core of Eid. Presentable Eid Clothes draw an attractive image of what the Islamic represents. Islam encourages us to dress nicely and properly before visiting the mosque to present our intension in a very humble way.

Importance of Eid outfits. 

It is a deep-rooted tradition to put new clothes on Eid. The tradition is being passed from generation to generation as our great-great-grandparents did the same years ago.

It is sunnah to adorn yourself for Eid. Positivity and hopefulness come by trying these at times. The best prayers are known to be achieved by cleanliness. That does not matter if you are praying at home or the mosque.

Apart from these, what belief says are many hadiths and Muslims and other messengers of Allah used to wear their best clothes on the occasion of Eid.

Is it compulsory to wear new clothes?

The saying is if one cannot afford new clothes, they can wear the best clothes with them.

“The Sunnah is to wear one’s best clothes on Eid.”

But going out to the mosque, in the same way, is good for men only. Women should at least put a new hijab to cover their beauty before going out and sending prayers to the god.

The important thing is the days are near to plan for Eid clothes and outfits. It is advisable to start shopping and shipping as soon as possible. We are trying to serve the best efforts, butthe orders can still be delayed due to the current pandemic.

Take some inspirations while we pick out our best for you.

The Semi-Casual Eid

The comfortable idea is to dress in a white shirt and a pair of wide-leg jeans for a relaxed and fair look. It is a kind of semi-casual outfit mostly preferred for indoor celebrations. To add charm, you can put a beautiful hijab, especially when clicking pictures.

The Dressy Eid

The great idea is to present yourself in a festive maxi skirt paired with a traditional looking creamy satin blouse for an excellent Eid outfit. Additionally, a silk hijab can add glamour to your look.

The Traditional Eid

Wearing a traditional cloth is a more presentable idea to appeal to god. If you wear them every year, you might be planning to do the same this year. Traditional clothes are meaningful and even comfortable. So, there is no turn down that you will be enjoying a great Eid at home. There is no personal preference as to what you should purchase regarding traditional clothing since there are so many options to choose from. Would it be fine to put the choice upon you? Pick one for you and have it in your hand quickly.


You feel good only when you dress well. It is a common saying and does not make a difference for anyone. So, converting the quarantine PJs into beautiful Eid outfits can make a big difference in the atmosphere of celebration. Still, if you are unable to collect an entirely new outfit, just have a nice-looking new hijab for whatever you choose as clothing. I believe these ideas are going to make the moment memorable and enjoyable. We wish that this Ramadan will bring you a handful of blessings and extract away all your anxiety.

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