Easy ways to bring fringe into your wardrobe

Easy ways to bring fringe into your wardrobe

Easy ways to bring fringe into your wardrobe

Easy ways to bring fringe into your wardrobe. Even though fringe has dominated runways and is a huge trend, we’re sometimes scared to wear it.

We tend to get overanxious and toss on new trends from head to toe – only to find this doesn’t really work. Especially when it comes to the fringe trend.

To ensure you always look fabulous and get over your fringe fear, here’s simple tips to help bring it into your wardrobe.

Not sure where to start with this trend? What better way to take it for a test drive than your accessories? Try incorporating one fringe bag, hat, scarf or pair of boots into your wardrobe at a time. Just be sure to keep the rest of your outfit looking clean.

Fringe is enough of a statement. Pairing it with simple and classic styles ensures that you look fresh and allows the fringe to speak for itself.

Want to embrace your inner bohemian chic this summer? Get yourself a fringe kimono. A fringe kimono or cardigan is the perfect way to ease yourself into this trend.

This is because it is easy to pair with styles already in your wardrobe. You can wear your kimono with dresses, shorts, denim and more.

Skirts can be the perfect way to add some fringe into your wardrobe – fringe hemlines can be fun and flirty. The best part of wearing one is that, if you toss on a cool white t-shirt or button-down shirt, your outfit is complete.

If you aren’t confident wearing a fringed mini skirt, don’t worry. Nowadays, the midi skirt is extremely popular and super forgiving.

Bring some statement to your wardrobe with fringe shoes in a bold colour, like yellow or fuchsia. It’s a super-cool and unexpected way to add some attitude to your look. Wear your heels with a simple little black dress and watch people’s heads turn your way.

A great way to embrace any trend is to start small. If you layer a fringe jacket over a fringe blouse over a fringe skirt, it’s going to look ridiculous. Not only that, the focal point will be confusing and so will the rest of your outfit.

Pair a larger statement fringe piece like a jacket with nude or solid colours to tone it down and keep things looking classy.

If you still think fringe is an autumnal trend that only looks great on a suede jacket, think again! Jazz up a boring black bikini with some fringe.

Not only will you look insanely hot this summer – if we manage to get outside again – but the fringe can be used to camouflage areas of your body that you want to hide by drawing the eye somewhere else.

Much like with your accessories, your jewellery can be a great way to introduce fringe into your wardrobe.

Picture this: a black tailored suit, cream blouse, pumps and a stunning fringe necklace with earrings to match. It’s a unique way to keep a classic outfit looking fresh and contemporary.

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