Different ways to style ladies turtlenecks this Autumn 2020

Different ways to style ladies turtlenecks this Autumn 2020

Different ways to style ladies turtlenecks this Autumn 2020

Autumn is a tricky season when it comes to ladies styling. It’s not quite cold enough for heavy coats, yet not warm enough for that light dress. One thing for sure id temperatures are certainly getting cooler so extra laying is a must.

One fashion garment that continues to be a popular choice with women during Autumn and winter is the stylish ladies turtleneck sweater.

For centuries now, the turtleneck has been a “go to” item of clothing for sailors to keep them warm while at sea. It wasn’t until the later 1920’s in the US when the turtleneck became a fashion statement for men and women looking to remain stylish yet warm during the winter months.

The beauty about the turtleneck or polo neck jumper is it can pair easily with most of your AW wardrobe.

Here at Ladies Fashion Ireland, we are going to show you some easy ways to dress your cost and stylish turtleneck sweater this Autumn.

This is an easy look to pull off and all that is required here is a bit of thought to the rest of your assemble. For the casual laid back look, a fitted neutral coloured turtleneck paired with a beige or black ladies trousers gives your that relaxed finish.

Switching up to something more formal, add a stylish woollen jacket or ladies trench coat for extra layering. Ladies ankle boots are a good choice of footwear to keep your tootsies warm.

This look allows you to experiment with different shades and tones. Footwear can play a pivotal part in nailing this look. Pair your oversized turtleneck sweater in Autumn tones of browns and beiges with a patterned skirt in darker shades (get the balance right)

Add a pair of long knee-high boots in matching or similar shades to your turtleneck. It’s chic styling without going over the top. Oh, don’t forget your oversized ladies sunglasses for the perfect finish.

Different ways to style ladies turtlenecks this Autumn 2020

Joe Browns Turtleneck Rib Knit sweater from Next.ie

For those of you who are fortunate/unfortunate to be heading into the office this season during all the COVID-19 restrictions, don’t skimp on style.

While there might be less people in your office to admire your fashion assemble, you still want to remain on fashion with your look. One thing we love about the turtleneck is it can be worn under your pant suit or with your jacket and skirt.

Whether it’s a grey checked long pencil skirt and fitted jacket suit or simply tonal hues with a neutral turtleneck, the effects can be amazing. Long boots or ladies heels are your prerogative. Just make sure to balance your shades.

It’s Autumn come winter right and for there is nothing better than a turtleneck sweater to look trendy while staying insulated for those great casual days.

The beauty about the turtleneck is you can wear a tee or vest underneath and no one will ever know. When it comes to styling your turtleneck casually, the choices are limitless.

A nice pair of relaxed ladies jeans fused with a colourful warm glowing turtleneck is a great causal day off look. Pair with white sneakers and you have nailed it.

A turtleneck and even blend well with comfy athleisurewear. Add a loose fitting pair of neutral sweat bottoms and this cries casual.

This is another easy look to manoeuvre with lots of possibilities. Neutral shades of any turtleneck can fuse easily with a pair of fitted trousers or jeans.

It’s the jacket or coat that will really determine your finish. Add a black leather jacket is its meeting the girls for a catch up. If the occasion is a little more important, add a long jacket in neutral shades and add a pair of knee high boots in contrasting shades to your turtleneck.

Another great thing about the turtleneck is you can experiment with different accessories. Hopped earrings paired with long necklaces adds extra twist to your overall finish. However, keep it simple and don’t overdo it. Keep your eye on the prize of presenting a well finished turtleneck finish to your day or night wear look.

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