On days when the weather gets cooler and you crave for some warmth, a cardigan comes to your rescue. Cardigans are a cross of sweaters and jackets with a front opening that is usually secured with buttons and holes. If you thought that cardigans are a result of a modern fashion experiment, you are mistaken! The journey of cardigans began in 1800’s when an Earl of Cardigan, England popularized this outerwear. Now you know why the garment gets this name!

In this category, we have put together a range of articles to help you discover the latest collections of cardigans for men and women. You will be taken by a surprise at the sheer volume of new designs in this segment. So, never underestimate a cardigan to be ‘just another sweater’.

You can explore different types of cardigans like long cardigans, woollen cardigans, woven cardigans, printed cardigans and many more. Incase you are wondering why this category is a must-read, do note that some of the designs are a hot favorite of celebs like Taylor Swift. These versatile outfits work as style enhancers along with offering long-lasting comfort. A well-made cardigan has the power to cover a pyjama into a stylish outfit!

So the next time you feel that some chill in the wind, layer up your outfits with these stylish cardigans and create lasting impressions.

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