Cara Delevingne new From Puma with Love collection

Cara Delevingne new From Puma with Love collection

Cara Delevingne new From Puma with Love collection

English actress and fashion model, Cara Delevingne is set release her new sports collection with Puma. The 27-year-old beauty will unveil her new From Puma with Love collection this coming Monday (01.06.2020) to celebrate Pride Month

Her new fashion collection consists of 13 pieces with rainbow patterns which are designed with a theme that represents the LGBTQ community.

Delevingne has been a Puma ambassador for the past 4 years, identifies herself as bisexual. They said this venture relates with LGBTQ issues that are close to her heart.

Her new Puma with Love collection will see 20% of profits divided out between LGBTQ charities. These include The Trevor Project, Mind Out, and GLAAD.

Talking about her new collaboration with Puma, Cara said that the LGBTQIA community has always been important to her. She also confirmed that she has been lucky to work with Puma who have always listened to her ideas and engaged with her work. Cara added “Obviously there are vibrant colours in the new collection, but we wanted to do something different that wasn’t so obvious. The pieces are unisex and fun, but they’re things people can wear every day, not just during Pride month.

“I love the sandals, right now it’s just so easy and lovely to wear something you can slip on. I’ve been wearing the collection a lot because it’s all so comfortable – especially for workouts.”

Due to COVID-19, most Pride festivals and events have had to be cancelled due to social distancing restrictions. However, Cara thinks it is still important to celebrate being part of LGBTQIA community.

The new From Puma with Love fashion collection includes a selection of t-shirts, crossbody bags, and sandals. Delevingne believes these are fashion items that people will get enjoyment from all year round. From Puma with Love fashion collection will be available from 1st June 2020.

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