Camisoles may not be as popular as their closest partners – the bras. However, they have their own set of benefits. These super soft, often stretchable undershirts layer your transparent shirts or kurtas and work great as concealers. They also add a comfortable feeling of warmth by creating an additional layer, along with creating a smooth finish.

If you are woman, teen or a growing girl child, we highly recommend you to read this category. Here, you can browse the best collection of camisoles which work as inner wear and also add a sensuous look when you plan to wear them in private. There are many sub-categories of articles on this subject which cover the many types, designs, fabrics and colors of camisoles.

Some of these include strapless camisoles, padded camisoles, long camisoles, while camisoles, black camisoles etc. You will be taken by a surprise to know how a humble innerwear like camisole can change the fit and structure of your outfit when you choose the right model and size.

If you are confident of your body, modern camisoles even work like cute and chic tops. You can pair them with a jacket or under an unbuttoned shirt to create a statement look. Camisoles are also quite versatile and work as lounge wear which combine comfort with style.

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