Black in Fashion Council set to tackle racism

Black in Fashion Council set to tackle racism

Black in Fashion Council set to tackle racism

In the wake of the death of Breonna Taylor and George Floyd in the US, The Black in Fashion Council has been established to tackle racism in the community

Founders, of this new initiative, editor-in-chief of Teen Vogue, Lindsay Peoples Wagner and Sandrine Charles launched their project earlier this week.

One of the main objectives of this organisation is deliver more inclusion and diversity as well as accountability to the fashion and beauty industry.

The Black in Fashion Council will also team up with the HRC (Human Rights Campaign) to create a table of companies who sign up to their three-year plan to tackle racism within their organisations.

According to the Black in Fashion Council, their mantra is to create a world in which black people in fashion and beauty spaces can be open and honest. They also hope it will guarantee equal rights and celebrate black voices.

The (CFDA) Council of Fashion Designers of America have also thrown their weight behind this initiative and endorsed the project.

Chatting to fashion bible, Vogue magazine, co-founder, Sandrine Charles told them that herself and Lindsay wanted to lend their time to a group that will work alongside senior people within the fashion and beauty industry to offer equality to black people. They believe it will allow people from black back grounds to express themselves.

Sandrine told Vogue “We’d like everybody to participate; we don’t want to segment based on larger brands or smaller brands, We really want this to be a collective of everyone, so we built out an industry standard of what we want diversity and inclusion to look like moving forward.”

“What sets us apart is we want to show that we’re in solidarity with you, we want to not only support your group but empower you with resources that you may or may not have. That’s really important: to have a network of people that are working for the same good with egos aside.”

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