BFC announce Priyanka Chopra as new ambassador

BFC announce Priyanka Chopra as new ambassador

BFC announce Priyanka Chopra as new ambassador

In Irish fashion news, the BFC (British Fashion Council) have just unveiled Priyanka Chopra Jonas as their new Ambassador for Positive Change.

The 38-year-old fashion model and actress has been recruited by The British Fashion Council in their efforts to drive home the message of change by using fashion as a decisive platform to inspire future generations.

The new appointment Priyanka is all part of The British Fashion Council’s efforts to ensure fashion industry in the take on a leading role to be more equal, circular, and fair through global participation and action locally.

.CEO of the British Fashion Council, Caroline Rush is delighted at the appointment of Priyanka Chopra Jonas who takes on the tole of Ambassador for Positive Change.

Caroline believes Priyanka’s own social activities in promoting various causes like women’s rights and the environmental issues, make her the perfect choice for her new role.

Rush also thinks Chopra is one of today’s leading voices for Positive Change which will help her to keep the conversation going for need for fashion companies in the UK to adapt and become more circular in their approach to equality and fairness.

Talking about her new appointment, Priyanka Chopra Jonas said “Fashion has always been the pulse of pop culture, and can be a powerful force with the ability to connect cultures and bring people together.”

“Through my role, I look forward to celebrating the incredible diversity and creativity of the industry, while working to champion budding and iconic designers doing their part to make an indelible impact on people and our planet.”

As one of the most recognised faces in film today, the Indian born actress has many accolades to her name and has been honoured for various entertainment awards globally with 60 Hollywood and international films to her credit

Chopra is also a Global Citizen ambassador and heavily involved in fighting for children’s education, citizen’s rights and protection in counties around the world.

The British Fashion Council have also confirmed that Priyanka Chopra Jonas will be active in next year’s London Fashion Week and The Fashion Awards.

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