Best Contact less Credit Card Readers for Clothing Boutiques

Best Contact less Credit Card Readers for Clothing Boutiques

Clothing boutique owners who install contactless payment systems are prepared to provide the highest quality of customer service. A point of sale system makes it possible to process and monitor transactions with a variety of payment methods. The Clover POS system is a leading contactless POS machine available in several models such as the handheld Clover Flex, tablet-based Mini or countertop Station.

A Trendsetting POS Solution

Clover Networks builds contactless credit card readers into all models of POS hardware and software. This brand’s readers are built into devices connected to payment processing services. From the sleek lines of the handheld Flex to the tablet-style displays of the Clover Mini and Station, any of this hardware will not look out of place in a fashionable boutique.

This brand has also set a trend in POS services by making it possible for boutique and small retail owners to use a system with precisely the hardware, software, service plan and information necessary to sell more items in stock. Boutique owners only pay for the hardware and software they need to operate.

Omnichannel Payment Support

One of the main reasons why the handheld Clover Flex terminal and countertop Clover Station are so popular are the support these systems have for every payment method. From card-present transactions that require the swiping of a magnetic stripe, insertion of an EMV chip, contactless card payments or devices enabled to make NFC payments, any Clover device makes it possible for customers to pay any way.

The more methods of payment a clothing boutique can accept, the more money tends to be made in sales. While some fashionistas stay up on the latest payment technology and already have the cards or devices to use contactless payment methods, other consumers who are slower to adopt technology may feel more secure using chip cards or other currency. A cash drawer peripheral can expand the functionality of almost any Clover POS system.

Sleek All-In-One Style

Clover POS systems look of a piece with the style of almost any clothing boutique. Every aesthetic from the most contemporary or modern to minimalist or traditional styles is flattered by the clean design of Clover hardware. The Clover Flex is a clean, white device with a large, easy-to-read touchscreen interface. The Station is a large, low-profile device that combines a display and receipt printer with other peripherals and accessories.

The design of these systems extends to the Register or Register Lite software run by Clover devices. Clover interfaces are designed to simplify the process of making sales for customers and employees. The physical profile of Clover hardware design and the accompanying software can complement any aesthetic.

Clothing boutique owners comparing POS systems should prioritize a device with the capacity to handle the inventory and payment processing demands of a shop. Depending on the floor plan of a store and the owner’s priorities with regard to customer experience, the handheld portability of the Clover Flex, low profile of the tablet-based Mini or countertop Station could be the best contactless credit card reader to use at a boutique.

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