Beauty tips to help stop your lipstick from smudging

Beauty tips to help stop your lipstick from smudging

Beauty tips to help stop your lipstick from smudging

In the time of Covid-19 and wearing face masks, keeping your lipstick colour intact is proven to be a challenge.

No one wants to be constantly touching up their lipstick. And let’s face it. Having too many layers of lipstick can be uncomfortable.

That’s why here at Makeup & Beauty Tips Ireland we’ve put together a little list of 5 tips to help keep your lipstick from smudging.

Just like you would prep your skin before applying makeup, you need to prep your lips before lipstick. To get rid of dead and flaky skin cells, go in with a lip scrub. Make sure you massage it onto your lips for about 10 seconds to really exfoliate and lift dead skin.

And to make sure your lips stay hydrated, follow up with a lip balm.

If you haven’t tried an invisible lip liner, we highly recommend them. They serve as a sort of base for your lip colour and give the product something to stick to.

Beauty tips to help stop your lipstick from smudging

Ultimate Ozone Multipurpose Primer Pencil from Urban Decay

Urban Decay’s Lip Liner in Ozone is a great choice as it is clear and has a creamy finish.

Once you have your lips prepped, take some of your favourite concealer and apply it around your mouth. This will help to cancel out any discolouration you may have. To give your lipstick something to stick onto, you can apply a little bit of your concealer over your lip line. You can then go back over with your invisible liner.

Now it’s time to move onto the lip colour. You can choose any shade you like. A lightweight, matte stain will leave you with a soft yet potent colour. And there is an decrease in risk when it comes to smudging. If you prefer a creamier type of lipstick, these tricks will work perfectly.

To keep your lipstick in place and smudge-free, finish off your work with some face powder and a tissue. Firstly, hold the tissue in place over your lips. next, softly tap on some translucent powder on top using a fluffy brush.

This technique will help set your colour in place without compromising it. And the best part? It keeps your lipstick transfer-free when wearing a face mask.

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