Backlash as retailers try to profit from death of Kobe Bryant

Backlash as retailers try to profit from death of Kobe Bryant

Backlash as retailers try to profit from death of Kobe Bryant

After what has been a tragic weekend with the loss of Kobe Bryant, some on-line retailers have been accused of trying to profiteer from his passing.

Last Sunday night seen the devastating tragedy of one of the world’s best sportsmen, Kobe Bryant and his friends and family. Only hours after his death, some on-line retailers have increased the price of his branded trainers by up to 600%.

The unexpected death of Bryant has created a conundrum within the trainers resale market which is today a multi-billion euro market.

This is the first death of a former-NBA superstar and there are now fears that people and companies will use this sad situation to profiteer.

Respected resale platforms don’t want to be identified as allowing their users to profit on the back of much-loved Kobe Bryant. However, some resale sites have inflated prices of Kobe’s apparel for sheer profit. This has seen a major on-line backlash from fans of the former NBA star.

Born in Philadelphia in 1978, the 41-year old legend was the son of former NBA player Joe Bryant. The NBA star was killed on 26th January 2020 when his Sikorsky helicopter crashed killing himself, his 13-year old daughter Gianna along with six family and friends as well as the pilot.

With Bryant’s tragic death leaving millions of fans around the globe in mourning, it’s sad to think that people searching for his signature sneakers would want to make money from his passing. Prices for rare pairs of his shoes have increased dramatically with resale websites now profiteering.

Kobe signed his first trainer contract with German sports brand Adidas back in 2006. He then went on to partner with American sports giant, Nike 2003 at his time with the LA Lakers.

Bryant was recognised as one of the most influential basketball player in the world of trainers after Michael Jordan.Thanks Kobe Bryant for all the wonderful memories (RIP)

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