Aquamarine Gemstone is a precious stone displaying the look of the ocean. Its colour also resembles the ocean colour. It has a blue to light green shade. It has immense benefits for wearing. It helps in healing and meditation activities. As per the theory, it is beneficial for those born in March. First of all, it is found as a rough stone. Then it is cut and given different shapes to use for various purposes. It is widely used in jewellery like rings and necklaces. Earlier, the aquamarine stone was considered to be a green colour. But now, it is accepted as light blue colour.

Types of Aquamarine Gemstones:

There are different types of aquamarine gemstones, which can vary in colour, clarity, and size. Some of the most common types of aquamarine include:

  • Sky Blue Aquamarine: This is the most popular and highly sought-after type. It is a light blue colour that resembles the sky and is often found in larger sizes.
  • Electric Blue Aquamarine: This type of aquamarine has a bright blue colour that is almost electric in appearance. It is often more expensive than sky-blue aquamarine but is less commonly found.
  • Green-Blue Aquamarine: This type of aquamarine has a blue-green colour that is more green than blue. It is relatively rare and is highly valued by collectors.
  • Sea-Green Aquamarine: This type of aquamarine is green and resembles the sea. It is less common than other types of aquamarine but is still highly sought after for its beauty.
  • Deep Blue Aquamarine: This type of aquamarine has a deep blue colour close to that of a sapphire. It is relatively rare and highly valued for its depth of colour.

In addition to these types of aquamarine, there are variations in the clarity and cut of the gemstones, which can also impact their value and appearance.

Benefits of Wearing Aquamarine Gemstones:

Some believe aquamarine offers various benefits to the wearer. Here are a few of the most commonly cited benefits of wearing aquamarine:

  • Calms The Mind and Emotions: Aquamarine brings a sense of calm and peace to mind and emotions, helping to soothe anxiety, stress, and nervousness.
  • Enhances Communication: Aquamarine enhances communication skills, making it easier for the wearer to express themselves and understand others.
  • Increases Courage and Self-Expression: Aquamarine is said to increase courage and self-expression, helping the wearer to be more confident and to assert themselves when necessary.
  • Enhances Intuition: Some believe aquamarine can enhance intuition and psychic ability, helping the wearer trust their instincts and make more informed decisions.
  • Improves Eyesight: Historically, aquamarine was believed to improve eyesight and protect the eyes from harmful elements.

It’s important to note that these benefits are based on traditional beliefs and should not be considered a substitute for medical advice. Additionally, while some people may find that wearing aquamarine positively affects their well-being, others may not notice any difference. Ultimately, buying aquamarine should be based on personal preference and aesthetic appeal rather than any specific belief about its benefits.

Latest Aquamarine Gemstone With Images:

Here look at our 9 best Aquamarine gemstones in the latest designs. Choose your loved one and try it.

1. Rough Aquamarine Stone:

Aquamarine Gemstones: Types, Benefits and Its Jewellery

It is a rough aquamarine stone in an ocean-green colour. It is then cut into pieces and heated to transform into different shapes. Wearing this stone can have immense positive effects like courage and curing emotional imbalance. It is a symbol of happiness.

2. Aquamarine Stone Ring:

Aquamarine Gemstones: Types, Benefits and Its Jewellery

This is a stunning aquamarine stone ring with big aquamarine gemstones. This is the bluish ocean effect. You can use it as an engagement ring too. Immediately on wearing, it will start giving its effect. Those who wear aquamarine stones get access to a quick decision.

3. Healing Aquamarine Stone:

Aquamarine Gemstones: Types, Benefits and Its Jewellery

This aquamarine gemstone is a healing stone for balancing mental disturbance. It also helps with physiological disorders. It clears your thoughts and gives you good communication skills. It is a wonderful stone to calm your nervous tension.

4. Emerald Cut Aquamarine Stone:

Aquamarine Gemstones: Types, Benefits and Its Jewellery

One of the main aquamarine stone benefits is that putting this stone in a glass of water and drinking that water helps you resolve your eye disease. This emerald is the most common cut. This shape is popular for finger rings. This is quite durable and soft.

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5. Aquamarine Stone Necklace:

Aquamarine Gemstones: Types, Benefits and Its Jewellery

It is an aquamarine stone necklace with glass beaded. A pendant of oval-shaped aquamarine stone is covered in a vintage design frame. The stone in the pendant directly touches the body, thus soothing and calming.

6. Pear Shape Aquamarine Gemstone:

Aquamarine Gemstones: Types, Benefits and Its Jewellery

This water blue colour shining the aquamarine gemstone is in a Pear shape. You can use this stone to make an aquamarine birthstone necklace too. This stone necklace is believed to be lucky for March’s born. They can wear this daily and receive countless benefits.

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7. Trillion Cut Aquamarine Gemstones:

Aquamarine Gemstones: Types, Benefits and Its Jewellery

This is a blue aquamarine stone in trillion shapes. The blue has a shining effect. Dark blue colour aquamarine gemstone is too costly. The exact lining is visible on trillion shapes. One can also use this stone for meditation to cure psychological imbalance.

8. Aquamarine Stone Beads:

Aquamarine Gemstones: Types, Benefits and Its Jewellery

This is an aquamarine birthstone in uneven shapes. You can collect these uneven shapes of birthstones in a bowl and keep them on your table as a showpiece. This will attract people and build up confidence and courage in you. There are other shades of this stone are also available.

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9. Greenish Aquamarine Gemstone:

Aquamarine Gemstones: Types, Benefits and Its Jewellery

Aquamarine is also an Aquarius birthstone with a greenish effect. It has a big pear shape. It is sparkling with its natural colour. Somewhere, there are light brown lines also. This is so soothing and feels soft to the touch. This is widely accepted for its number of positive benefits.

How to Clean and Care for Aquamarine Jewelry?

  • To clean aquamarine jewellery, soak the jewellery in warm soapy water for 30 minutes (do not use harsh chemical cleansers to wash aquamarine jewellery).
  • Gently scrub the jewellery to remove dirt from the stone, rinse with clean water, and then dry with a cloth.
  • Keeping aquamarine jewellery in a cool, dry and closed place will keep it dust free and longer.

Though aquamarine gemstone is the most durable stone, it still requires care in handling. This stone decorates your jewellery, so it is a favourite for women. This is an all-purpose stone. It has many advantages. It improves overall well-being and brings a person back into a healthy state. It encourages a person in times of physical and mental imbalance. It can heal you spiritually too. It is an excellent stone which can make a good change in your life.