9 Popular Ruby Gemstone Jewellery Designs

Ruby is a pink to blood red coloured gemstone. The red colour is caused mainly by the presence of element chromium. Ruby is considered as one of the precious stones. The quality of a Ruby is determined by its colour, cut and clarity. The world’s most expensive Ruby is the Sunrise Ruby. They are stones of love, passion, vitality, and power.

There are also ruby gemstone benefits. It gives guidance when making decision and helps to fulfill ones dream. It even has healing power which heals the body, particularly the heart problems. Thus with so many benefits the ruby stones are adorned.

Jewellery with Ruby Gemstones:

They are studded in various jewelleries that touch the skin to provide benefit and of course to look beautiful. Some of the best ruby stone jewelleries are mentioned below.

1. Maang Tikka with Ruby Gemstone:

9 Popular Ruby Gemstone Jewellery Designs

In the auspicious occasions like wedding the bride can adorn this maang tikka of ruby stones. This maang tikka will perfectly match the red colour outfit and will make her look beautiful. Not only the bride but other women can wear this ruby stone maang tikka on traditional dress.

2. Gemstone Rings for Men and Women:

9 Popular Ruby Gemstone Jewellery Designs

The smallest and accessory that can be worn daily is ring. To utilize the full benefits of ruby stone one must have ruby stone rings as they touch the skin. Stone ruby cased in silver ring will look pretty on figure.

3. Ruby Stone Bangles:

9 Popular Ruby Gemstone Jewellery Designs

Ruby stone bangles are designed in various patterns. They look very stylish and are radiant when worn. It can be worn by any age group on traditional attires to look gorgeous.

4. Designer Ruby Stone Bracelets:

9 Popular Ruby Gemstone Jewellery Designs

If one wants to wear ruby stone daily then bracelets are good option. The bracelet can be of gold or silver with ruby on it. It can be a whole ruby stone bracelet looking like beads. They look very vibrant with their clear crystals.

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5. Chain with Ruby Gemstones:

9 Popular Ruby Gemstone Jewellery Designs

Ruby stone chains light in weight and can be worn in everyday life. The chains can be of silver, gold or platinum. The chain will look prettier when diamonds are also added with the ruby. They shine like anything and will add charm to one personality.

6. Ruby Earrings for Girls:

9 Popular Ruby Gemstone Jewellery Designs

The earrings enhance the beauty of women. The gemstone ruby when cased in earrings makes one look gorgeous. They can be mix up with other gemstones to work on all outfits and no matching would be required then.

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7. Pendent Ruby Stone Jewellery in Silver:

9 Popular Ruby Gemstone Jewellery Designs

Pendent grabs all attention to its self especially when it’s a gemstone ruby. A single ruby stone as pendent looks dazzling and covers whole neck beauty.

8. Handmade Ruby Stone Necklace:

9 Popular Ruby Gemstone Jewellery Designs

Ruby stones in necklace are appreciated look. They are available in different designs and patterns. Kundan and other stones are also added to make it look more beautiful. The necklaces are of one, two or multiple strings to make it look heavy and stylish.

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9. Ruby Gemstone Nose Pin :

9 Popular Ruby Gemstone Jewellery Designs

Nose pin with ruby makes the look completely different. It can be in the floral, loop or other designs which suits different face, but ruby suits all faces.

Natural ruby is a precious gemstone that attracts almost all individual. It is a precious gemstone that is often attributed to opulence and elegance and with good reason too. The best quality ruby has pigeon blood-red and is very smooth in touch with fine and sharp cut and shape.

Ruby can be worn as jewellery. It can be embedded in silver, gold and platinum. The jewelleries can be rings, earrings etc. that can be adorned to benefit the body.