9 Best Traditional Hijabs for Men In Trend

Hijab terminology- “cover, wrap, curtain, veil, is commonly associated with Islamic dress of Muslim women but a true Muslim – man or woman has to follow a modest dress code. Traditionally hijab for men varies from country to country but it fulfills the sobriety of Islamic dress.

Different Types Of  Hijab For Men:

Top 9 Muslim men hijab has all the items categorized as Islamic clothing for men, which gives them an exclusive look.

1. Traditional Hijab For Men:

9 Best Traditional Hijabs for Men In Trend

A thaw or thobe is a conventional and fashionable ankle length robe tailored like a shirt. It has short round collar, buttons from neck to chest, pockets on both sides and contrast colours highlight the shoulders. It’s usually in white colour but also available in other colours during winters. Men wearing hijab is also known as dishdasha/ kandura/ jalabiyya.

2. Islamic Thobe Pants:

9 Best Traditional Hijabs for Men In Trend

Serwal are white cotton pants in muslim culture and which are normally worn underneath the thobe and long dresses along with cotton undershirt. They are also known as mikasser. They are designed to fit very comfortably with elastic waist, a drawstring or both. It has zippered side pockets. This piece of hijab for men can be worn alone as pajamas.

3. Regal Arab Headdress:

9 Best Traditional Hijabs for Men In Trend

Kufi, egal, ghutra are essential pieces of muslim men hijab head dress. Ghutra, a square white/ checkered cotton headscarf, is worn overkufi, a small white cap. Black ropeband, egal is worn on top of the headdress to hold ghutra in place. Modern egals are crafted from tightly woven black goat hair and sheep’s wool.

4. Majestic Arab Robe:

9 Best Traditional Hijabs for Men In Trend

The Bisht or aba is a loose, long sleeved Arabic men’s cloak, worn over thob. It is made of cotton or camel/sheep wool and trimmed with exquisite golden embroidery, called Mogasab. The hijab is popular among the individuals from Government, religious heads, etc. for special occasions.

5. Everyday Leisure Wear:

9 Best Traditional Hijabs for Men In Trend

Shalwar kameez is the Muslim men’s wear coming from Indian subcontinent and an everyday wear in many parts of the sub continent. It comprises long tunics over loose pants narrow at the ankle. It is customary choice to wear it on ceremonial occasions to match style with comfort. A everyday wear in many parts of the sub continent.

6. Casual Islamic Outfit:

9 Best Traditional Hijabs for Men In Trend

These men wearing hijab coordinates well with professional or casual Islamic outfit. Izar/ lungi is a wide band of cloth, wrapped around the waist like a sarong and roll- tuck to a appropriate length to fit. This basic garment is made from cotton fiber with pattern woven in the cloth. This is preferred for a relaxed style for lounging at home, to don to work or in the streets.

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7. Customary Islamic Head wear:

9 Best Traditional Hijabs for Men In Trend

Turbans are another mens hijab clothing of different styles and colours for different occasions. It is a long piece of cloth wrapped round the head several times. The arrangements of folds are particular to each region and culture. Various materials like fine cotton to expensive silks are used to create turbans.

8. Customary Kufi Head wear:

9 Best Traditional Hijabs for Men In Trend

An old Islamic practice to wear prayer caps to show allegiance to Islam. Popularly known as topi, skull cap or kufi, they are crocheted netted caps of strong white material. It is elastic in nature as to fit snuggly on the head. This hijab for boys prominently comes in white colour but green, grey, brown are also preferred.

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9. Sacred Islamic Ensemble:

9 Best Traditional Hijabs for Men In Trend

Ihram, the hijab for men is pilgrim age dress for men. The ihram kit it comprises two white cloths without seams or stitches, waist belt for documents n money, digital tasbeeh, natural flavor miswak and sandles- naal, without stitches. One white cloth covers the body from the waist down and other is gathered around the shoulder. A symbol of purity and goal is to eliminate class distinction and be equal in the presence of God.

Do men wear hijabs? Yes, the term hijab, in relation to men, does not have the same technical meaning as it does in reference to women. But Hijab for men is a critically important Islamic teaching; Muslim men also have to follow a modest dress code and a humble way of life.

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