5 ways to wear your athleisure clothing as streetwear

5 ways to wear your athleisure clothing as streetwear

5 ways to wear your athleisure clothing as streetwear

Athleisure has been a big trend for a while now. Biker shorts have been all over our Instagram feeds and became a must-have garment to own thanks to Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid. Keep reading to find out how to wear your athleisure staples as streetwear.

The ultimate athleisure item to own. Bike shorts are a staple when it comes to both athleisure and streetwear.

However, instead of opting for a boring black shade, embrace bold colours. or even white which, like black, goes with everything. But they feel and look more summery.

Forget what people say about tracksuit bottoms. They can look chic and stylish. You just need to keep a few tricks in mind to elevate them. First, a pair of blue bottoms and graphic sweatshirt are a match made in casual wear heaven.

Secondly, jewellery is a great way to elevate any outfit. No matter if it is casual or formal. Throw on a simple gold chain or gemstone ring. Play around and see what works for you.

There are some people out there who absolutely hate repeating an outfit. but there are certain outfits that are too flattering not to wear. switch up your bike shorts for a bright neon pair and embrace this 80s trend in all its glory. To go full on 80s, wear your shorts with an oversized sweatshirt and white trainers.

5 ways to wear your athleisure clothing as streetwear

Mix & Match Edition Zip Oversized Sweat from Boohoo

Think of high school in the US but make it fashionable. Add a sporty flair to any look by wearing a varsity jacket. It is the perfect item to dress down any look and add a pop of colour.

Elevate a basic outfit with this vintage sports jacket. If you are looking for a truly old school one, you may need to hit the second-hand shops. Or spend some time online.

The monochrome trend has blown up in a big way in recent years. And so, has the athleisure look. So, why not combine them for a super stylish outfit?

Pair your white bike shorts with a light grey sweatshirt for a chic and comfortable look. While it may not seem like a fashionable accessory, finish the look off with a black headband for the ultimate throwback look.

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