5 Ways To Use Fancy Lingerie As Part Of An Evening Party Outfit

5 Ways To Use Fancy Lingerie As Part Of An Evening Party Outfit

Lingerie pieces are sultry and enchanting. However, they’re mostly considered as indoor or in-room wear. But who said lingerie can’t be worn outside your home? Nothing’s impossible as long as you’re ready to be creative and daring. If you want to electrify your evening wear with fancy lingerie, who says you can’t?

Finding conventional yet unexpected ways to style your favorite lingerie pieces can be tricky, but it’s doable. Here are five stylish ways in which you can creatively and resourcefully spark your evening party or dinner wear with fancy lingerie.


  • Fancy Lingerie Peeking Out Under Stylish Evening Wear

A stylish way to incorporate lingerie into your evening outfit is to wear Fancy Lingerie under your dress. When your lingerie peeks out underneath your clothes, it presents a risqué and confident vibe. 

Style up your favorite party gown by wearing babydoll lingerie under it. To create a contrast, make sure the lingerie is longer than your dress and has lace hemmed to it. The extra lace peeking out of your clothes can be quite flattering. To complete the look, make sure that the color of your chosen dress is different, but compatible with the lingerie you’re wearing. 

Another style you can try wearing is a tank top with sheer sleeves over a sexy bra with fanciful straps and a plunging neckline. This combination will give you a sensual look that will earn you a few jealous gazes. 


  • Outerwear On Top Of Your Lingerie

Sport some fancy lingerie under a jacket, coat or sweater if you’re going for a sexy, but appropriate look. Denim jackets can be paired with a bralette or bra. A camisole, paired with a blazer, is considered a staple office outfit for many women. To complete the outfit, wear some fitted denim or suit pants. 

Go from day to night by wearing a lace-trimmed camisole or bustier under a casual fancy blazer. It’s suitable for both the office and for a night out with your partner or friends. You can also try the same with your coats or sweaters. Just make sure to test your combinations to see which ones bring out your best features. 


  • Fancy Lingerie Under A Sheer Or Transparent Outfit

Wear some fancy lingerie underneath sheer or transparent evening outfits to elevate your fashion game. Try wearing a fancy baby doll nightgown under a stylish, transparent evening gown. Oversized, transparent tops could be paired with a strappy bodysuit or sparkly bralette. However, this can be a tricky look. It could be a hit or a miss, depending on how well you style it and how confident you are. 

If you want to draw attention to your curves, you can wear some colorful lingerie under a sheer outfit. This is a bold look that only the most confident people dare to try. If you prefer a subtle style that draws less attention to your skin, opt for some dark-colored lingerie.  


  • Stylish Lingerie Over Evening Wear

Who says lingerie has to be under other clothes? You can wear your lingerie over your usual clothes and still look gorgeous. You only need to pick the perfect, complementary pieces. Wear a bralette over a stylish bodycon gown and look fabulous. Remember, the success of the look depends on the type of bralette and bodycon gown you choose.

To make your look more appealing, choose a subtle or slightly transparent bralette to pair with a bodycon dress. Combine corsets, halter-neck bras, and other similar pieces to achieve the same stunning look. Just be careful with pairing things because it’s easy to end up looking awkward and out of place. Pay proper attention to the details of this look. Also, after getting dressed, ask your family and friends to know if you look good.


  • Bare It All

If you’re totally confident in your skin, this is a great option. Pair your bodysuit with a jean trouser and own your look. No need to cover the bodysuit with any other topper. You can also pair a halter-neck bra or bralette with a jean trouser or bodycon skirt to show off all that gorgeous skin.

Wearing a corset with high-waist denim jeans to create a feminine and fearless look. You can also wear a sultry camisole over ripped jeans. The look is just as gorgeous. Let your fashion sense run wild and go where it leads you.


Your lingerie set doesn’t have to confined inside your bedroom, as long as you’re brave and confident enough. The list above is not exhaustive of ways in which you can style your lingerie to wear out of your home. Let confidence and creativity be your guide.

Styling your fancy lingerie pieces in the ways above will transform your evening look to a sultry, yet classy one. Once you pull off these looks, prepare to catch everyone’s attention – in the best way possible. Own it girl and show them ladies how it’s done!

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