4 Tips for picking the right jewelry

4 Tips for picking the right jewelry

The right accessory can make a look pop and change an entire outfit. In fact, picking the right jewelry will make all the difference, and that is why you should keep the following tips in mind during your next shopping trip. After all, jewelry is a big investment, so it’s important that buyers make sure they’re getting a piece that both looks great and will last. Here are some key things that will help you pick the right jewelry for any occasion:

  1. Complements your skin tone

With the right tools, you can make almost any jewel work, but it helps to know what can easily work for you on short notice in case an unexpected dinner or something else pops up. You need something that complements your skin tone. However, how do you determine your skin tone?

First, you should check your veins. If they are blue, you have a cool skin tone, but if they are closer to green, then you have a warmer skin tone.

Now that you know what your tone is, try to match your jewelry to it.

For cooler tones

  • Metals like silver, platinum, or white gold
  • Stones in magenta, red, blue, or purple shades

For warmer tones

  • Metal like bronze, gold, or copper
  • Stones in coral, green, or orange shades

Another tip for picking the right jewelry to keep in mind is that tanning will change your skin tone and will affect your choices, so it won’t hurt to have a variety of options for different seasons.

  1. Has a story

This is a great tip for picking the right jewelry because you don’t want to wear just any piece that you find. Instead, you want to make an investment in something that has a bit of a story behind it.

Having something generic from a chain store will never be the same as owning an antique silver jewel. There is a uniqueness that comes attached to it that won’t be easy to replicate from a common purchase.

  1. Says something about you

This is one of the best aspects of choosing your jewelry because they all have distinct meanings. You can play around with them to make a statement that transcends fashion. The same way colors have their own significance, your jewelry can also say something about your personality:

  • Gold: As one of the most coveted metals in history, most cultures see it as a symbol of wealth, but it can also represent knowledge and protection.
  • Silver: Historically tied with the moon, silver is seen as a female metal representing purity and self-reflection.
  • Copper: Associated with feminine beauty because of its close ties with the planet venus, copper symbolizes affection, care, and balance.

Stones also have significance and can take what you are trying to say even further!

  1. Try and compare

One of the most important tips to remember when it comes to picking the right jewelry is to try to imagine it on you and compare it to other choices. This might seem basic, but one of the biggest mistakes you can make when choosing jewelry is to do it blindly.

Don’t forget to use all your tips before buying, and you’re likely to end up with a piece you’ll love for a long time!

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