4 Tips for Layering Your Outfit This Winter

4 Tips for Layering Your Outfit This Winter

It’s the middle of winter. The snow is still falling, the frigid air is still blowing, and you still need to pick an outfit every single day of the week. At this point in winter, some people experience “decision fatigue” when it comes to their outfits, opting for garments closest in reach rather than those that look and feel the best.

If you count yourself among the decision fatigued, don’t worry. All you need is a little motivation. This article will walk through a few simple tips you can follow to layer your winter outfit in new, creative and exciting ways.

Essentially, there are two criteria to shoot for when layering your winter outfits: looks and functionality. On the one hand, you want your winter wardrobes to keep you warm and comfortable. On the other hand, the outfit has to make an aesthetic impression. To balance those two criteria and put together stellar winter outfits day after day, follow these tips!

Choose the Right Base Layer

Choosing the right base layer is critical for both criteria. You want something that will look great when your jackets are unzipped, but – more importantly – will keep you warm.

Here’s the best hack for your base layer: choose clothes designed for travelling like merino wool shirts, underwear and socks. Since they are specifically designed to insulate, wick sweat, defy odour and stay extremely comfortable while on the road, merino wool garments are the ideal base layer choice for a winter at home.

Colour Contrast Is Key

This next tip is strictly stylistic: vary your colours when you layer. When you layer clothes that are all one colour, it creates a monotonous, bulky look. But if you give thought to contrasting the different layers, you can create an ensemble that’s dynamic, playful and visually appealing.

If you go for a grey base layer and a dark coat, choose something bright and colourful as your middle layer. If each of your layers is in greyscale, add pops of colour in your accessories – a seaweed-green scarf, scarlet beanie or Egyptian-blue gloves.

Think Architecturally

Colour isn’t the only thing you should vary when layering–consider the shapes and sizes of your garments as well.

Think like an architect. If you have a big bulky coat up top, you don’t want to follow that with a big bulky pair of pants. Instead, give shape to your outfit with a slimmer bottom option. Likewise, if you layer a puffy middle layer (like a vest) with a puffy down coat, it can create an awkward,oversizedlook. Pair that puffer vest with a traditional-cut pea coat instead.

Use Accessories as Accents

As mentioned in the “colour” section above, view your winter accessories as an opportunity to add accents to your wardrobe. Have some fun with it, playing around with colour, size, pattern and texture. Remember, layering is foremost about being comfortable, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use it as a way to express your individuality.

With a base layer of travel-friendly merino wool, a variation of colours and shapes in your middle and outer layers, and a few fun accessories as accents, you can create a new, exciting outfit every day this winter.

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