4 outfit ideas perfect for date night at home

4 outfit ideas perfect for date night at home

4 outfit ideas perfect for date night at home

The endless rotations of sweatshirts and leggings have gotten us into a bit of a style rut. However, with bars and restaurants beginning to open soon, you may find the urge to wear that cute dress you’ve bought during quarantine.

Well, we are here to help you break free from your beloved elastic waist and jersey tops. From billowing dresses to silky slips, here are just some date night outfit ideas to rock in a restaurant or at home.

It doesn’t matter if it is your first virtual date or your hundredth, puffy, exaggerated shoulders and billowing sleeves are a great way to dress up without compromising on comfort.

The loose fit of a balloon dress will help to keep you cool on warm days, while the sleeves will keep the chill away as the temperatures dip.

If you buy just one dress this summer, make it a slip one. Thanks to its versatility and simplicity, this wardrobe staple can be worn now or in the future.

You can instantly dress it up for all sort of quarantine activities, from binging watching your favourite shows to finally completing that jigsaw puzzle. If you are feeling that summer chill, you can layer your slip dress over a white t-shirt or throw on a cardigan.

4 outfit ideas perfect for date night at home

Pink floral print hanky hem midi slip dress from River Island

I mean, can you go wrong with this iconic combo? Have plans for a Zoom date? Wearing a playful top will help you stand out against that grainy computer screen. Additionally, you can pair it with your favourite pair of Jeans bottoms. However, don’t be afraid to mix things up. Go for a top with a unique neckline or some ruching.  And not to mention, a backless design.

But we are not talking about your ordinary sweats you’ve been rocking in quarantine. No. Just because we are stuck indoors does not mean we cannot look cute and dressed up. Today, your sweatpants are no longer awkward or oversized. And if you want to feel extra fancy, throw on some gold jewellery or your favourite perfume.

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