4 classy ways to wear plaid skirts

4 classy ways to wear plaid skirts

4 classy ways to wear plaid skirts

4 classy ways to wear plaid skirts

4 classy ways to wear plaid skirts. From Clueless to popster, Ariana Grande the plaid skirts is still a great wardrobe staple. Plaid skirts offer that traditional fashion look that never looks dated.

Styling your plaid skirt can be so exciting layering for the true teen stylet. You can explore different ways to layer, accessorise and colour-block your fashion finish.

At the end of the day if managed right, the plaid look can be chic and stylish. From choosing the texture of the fabric to picking the colour to suit you is very important to its final finish.

We have picked out three great ways to style your plaid skirt to keep you in tune with the trends of today.

If you are feeling adventurous, bold print matching from from head to toe. Simply pair your skirt with a blazer or sweater. You can choose from mini to midi length skirt with either a pleated, a-line, or flared style finish.

4 classy ways to wear plaid skirts

Plaid Miniskirt from Mango

Whichever works for your look can create a bold statement with minimal effort. Since your outfit is already quite melodramatic, choose to tone down the ensemble with some monochrome accessories. If you’re feeling extra bold why not contrast with thick scrunched up socks.

Why not try an oversized printed blazer with buttons? This combo is a great look for those of your who don’t want to reveal too much flesh.

If you are feeling a bit more flirty and adventurous, try a mini skirt that sits slightly below the blazer. Stick to muted coloured shoes so they won’t clash with the vibrant prints of your wardrobe.

Some prints can be daunting if you are not used to combining prints in general. If you want to really rock the plaid skirt look read on.

4 classy ways to wear plaid skirts

Black Boucle Diamante Button Skort from Missguided

Did you know that bold prints are a lot more wearable than you think. If you feel like you can’t commit fully to this look, here is a trick to help you Try a denim skirt with a bit of plaid detail. This dulls down the look and makes it look less intimidating.

Try layering this with an oversized trench or duster coat. This will help create more volume. Complete by adding chunky trainers for that cool girl vibe.

One of the queen’s of fashion , Kate Middleton’s often chooses this look as a fashion statement. This lady simply owns this look.

If you have a suiting figure, show off your shape with a high-waisted midi skirt that embraces your body. This can be is fitted at the waist and include flares out towards the hem.

4 classy ways to wear plaid skirts

Jacquard Weave Skirt from H&M

Match your skirt with a cropped cardigan. Complete your look with basic flat shoes or low block heels.