3 ways to style oversized sleeves this summer

3 ways to style oversized sleeves this summer

3 ways to style oversized sleeves this summer

3 ways to style oversized sleeves this summer

Some ladies like them, others see them as a challenge, but the Victorian oversized sleeve look is classy when dressed right.

This year, the oversized look has become synonymous with making bold fashion statements.There is no better way to express any daring fashion proclamation to your look than the Victorian sleeve finish.

Although the lengths make a dashing expression, volumising the sleeve itself guarantees your look to a hearing. The Victorian sleeve look is can be incorporated into both day and night time styling, but you must think functionality.

The purpose of occasion and style you are looking to achieve must be given consideration. The texture of material and colour of your top must blend in effortlessly with the rest of your attire.

We take a quick look at how you can style any Victorian style sleeve top this summer. However, let’s find out first what qualifies as Victorian sleeve fashion.

Taken for the Victorian part of history in the UK, the Victorian sleeve dates back to the 18th century. Its oversized shape and design helps to generate the illusion of a slimmer waist while adding instant femininity to your overall look.

This is a real Spring/Summer-time favourite for any stylish lady. It is one that any woman can pull off without minimum effort. Pair a fitted pair of Ladies straight leg floral jeans with a short sleeved white ruffled shirt.

This look also allows you to be creative by adding some floral to your jeans finish. The exaggerated sleeves help to volumize the sleeve finish. Pair with black or brown suede Ladies ankle boots for that chic day to evening time fashion finish.

3 ways to style oversized sleeves this summer

Leopard Feline Oversized Shirt from Silkfred.com

Put a bit of retro into your fashion look this summer with a classic floral bell sleeve top. It’s so 60’s to the days of free spirit fashion. Make that all-important day or evening statement by pairing a pastel coloured top with lace detailing with a pair of Ladies skinny jeans.

Its beautiful combo allows for you to don a pair of plain but colourful pair of pumps or ladies wedges. Keep all accessorising to a minimum. This keeps the attention on the top.

This is where you can elevate your Victorian bell top up the evening league. While this look is a bit more formal it still has casual written all over it.

Pair a black ruffled layered look trim bell sleeve top with a fitted pencil skirt. While the top half of our outfit looks exaggerated, the design of the pencil skirt draws attention to the slim waist area. Complete this look with a pair of strapped heels and single statement accessory. It’s finish is chic and a certain stand out look for any summer gathering.