2020 Trends: The Best Ways to Combine Comfort and Style

2020 Trends: The Best Ways to Combine Comfort and Style

The coronavirus pandemic has led to a new affection for comfortable clothing as more people work from home or stay inside. However, being comfortable does not mean that you have to forsake your sense of style. In fact, there are many ways that you can feel cozy while also remaining the fashionista that you have always been.

●       Swap Out Your Bra

One of the only benefits of lockdown was being able to avoid wearing a bra for the majority of the day, if at all. If you are reluctant to put your bra back on when you head back to work, you should consider replacing it for a more comfortable option. For instance, a bralette from TomboyX can be an excellent alternative, giving you light support while ensuring that you remain comfortable. Not only this, but they come in a variety of colorful designs, allowing you to feel good all day long.

●       It’s All About Loungewear

If the first thing that you invested in during lockdown was loungewear, you were not alone; sales of jogpants and pajamas soaring in the first half of 2020. With more firms looking at continuing to promote remote and flexible working, loungewear is here to stay, with spikes in loungewear sales occurring as early as late 2019. However, loungewear does not have to make you feel under-the-weather, and there is now a push for luxury loungewear, such as satin pajamas and clothing from designer brands.

●       Scrap the Skinny Jeans

If you never want to try and get into your skinny jeans again, don’t bother. Rather than worrying about whether you will be able to do up your top button, you should consider opting for some of the new styles of pants and jeans that are now gaining in popularity. These include mom, boyfriend, and girlfriend jeans, which all favor a looser fit around your legs and thighs, and a higher waist.

●       Style Up Your Leggings

If you never want to see jeans ever again, then you should get your leggings back out of the wardrobe. Leggings are not only for sport, and they can, in fact, be styled to look fabulous. For instance, why not pair your leggings with a blouse or blazer, or opt to wear them with a fancy tunic or longer top?

●       Prioritize Layers

To pair comfort with style, there is no better method than to layer up. For instance, you can place a smart jacket or a silk scarf over a baggy jumper or joggers for a casual and yet fashionable look for any occasion.

●       No Heels Necessary

Now that we are all leaving the house much less than normal, heels are no longer necessary, and you should consider replacing these with flat alternatives. Ballet pumps, chain loafers, and chunky sneakers are all trending this summer, with people looking for sturdy and easy to slip on shoes that can be worn during any activity, whether you are doing the gardening or hosting a summer barbecue.

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