7 Incredible Ways to Spruce Up Your Pool Party

7 Incredible Ways to Spruce Up Your Pool Party

As we bid adieu to spring, the soaring temperatures have got us in the summer mode — and nothing marks the arrival of summer better than a pool party. Right?

These are truly revitalizing. Let us unhook from all your professional life troubles and stresses. Plus, the opportunity to hang out with our best pals — Just sip Apple martini and talk about your life – isn’t that one heck of a fun?

But, before you slip into your swimsuit and dive into the cool water, here are seven wonderful ideas to spruce up things.

7 Incredible Ways to Spruce Up Your Pool Party

#1 Pool Party Meal Menu

7 Incredible Ways to Spruce Up Your Pool Party

Unlike the dull get-togethers within the four-walls, pool parties with friends go on and on for hours, probably a full afternoon. Therefore, you’ll have to offer your guests appetizing food to fill their tummies.

Since pool parties are all about relaxation and mind refreshment, don’t stress out on preparing a full-course meal. Instead, fire up the grill and delight your guests with smoky, juicy barbeque. And don’t forget, barbeque tastes best with a chilled can of beer.

#2 Cute Pool Floats Add Up to Fun

7 Incredible Ways to Spruce Up Your Pool Party

Without the picturesque pool floats, your pool party is incomplete. Be it the kids or the adults; most love lounging on their classic pool floats. These are available in a wide collection of shapes such as unicorn, ice cream, flamingo, and pizza.

If kids are there in your pool party, then shop for some arm floats, pool noodles or lifejackets, so that everyone has a marvelous time.

#3 A Grand Entry

7 Incredible Ways to Spruce Up Your Pool Party

Having a private party is one thing and unveiling the pool in grand style with a simple click of a button, thanks to an automatic pool cover system or a  pool enclosure that tells a lot about your high-end living.

Moreover, such pool accessories are a long term investment that lets you keep your swimming pool protected from dirt and debris. It safeguards your kids and pets from falling into the swimming pool while you’re not around.

Additionally, it saves water by preventing evaporation loss.

#4 Your Party Playlist

Summer is all about fun and excitement, and ” Summer of 69” by Bryan Adams playing in the background creates a perfect setting that uplifts everyone’s mood.

Streaming services such as Spotify, Apple Music, and Pandora have playlists curated especially for pool parties.

If you don’t get the paid subscription of any of these services, your pool party may get interrupted by the annoying advertisements between songs.

You can check out their song list or create your own based on the preference of your guests.

#5 A Sunscreen Station

Well, some of your guests will bring along swimming essentials, but you can’t expect that everyone will have their own sunscreen. Thus, you need to set up a dedicated sunscreen station.

Even if your guests have lathered themselves up before heading to your pool party, five to ten minutes in the sun and sweating will wash off the sunscreen.

Skincare experts recommend applying sunscreen after every two hours when you are out in the sun to keep your skin moisturized and protected from the harmful UV rays of the sun.

To make things simple, just place some different kinds of sunscreen with SPF 25 or more rating on a small table by the poolside.

#6 Have Cozy Lounge Chairs

7 Incredible Ways to Spruce Up Your Pool Party

Yes, it is a pool party, but not everyone is comfortable spending hours in the pool. If you have a friend in your group, who isn’t willing to dive into the pool, then have a few recliner chairs by the poolside so that they can have a great time basking under the sun, enjoying their cocktails.

Even guests who love to swim, require some breaks in between, therefore the cozy lounge chairs are something worth considering.

Plus, make sure that the seating area is shaded with an umbrella. This will allow your guests to cool off for some time.

#7 Pool Party Games

With friends, food, and music around, your pool party is already guaranteed to be a mega blast. But, if you want to take things a notch higher, then think about organizing pool games.

Here are some popular ideas for pool games to add wet and wild cheer to your party:

➔      Pool Volleyball Game

➔      Dodge Ball with Water Balloons

➔      Water Transfer Relay Race

➔      Pool Coin Hunt

➔      Frisbee Toss

While pool games can spice up the party mood, be sure the pool safety rules are being followed—especially if there are kids and pets around.


Seeking everyone’s advice — those going to attend your party — is a must for hosting the perfect pool party. Listen to their incredible ideas and only implement what’s feasible.

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