Yami Gautam Beauty Tips and Fitness Secrets

Yami Gautum is an Indian actress who started her career from minor advertisements and two soap operas and Kannada movies to give her first hit in Bollywood, Vicky Donor in 2012. Besides being an excellent actress, she is also exceptionally beautiful. She has a well-maintained figure and amazing features. However, that is not all. She takes good care of her beauty and that is what makes her look even better! So while features are something that you are born with, you can still look as good as Yami Gautam if you’re willing to go the extra mile. Here are some excellent beauty tips that might help you.

Yami Gautam Beauty Tips and Fitness Secrets

No Chemicals:

Yami believes in using home remedies and concoctions prepared at home to keep her skin blemish-free and forever glowing. She believes that chemicals in lotions and face packs do your skin more harm in the long run than the good it does in the short run. So she makes use of recipes that use ingredients that can be easily found in an Indian kitchen.

Herbal Products:

While she is not a big fan of over-the-counter products she does make extensive use of herbal and natural skin products. Ayurveda and Himalaya are amongst her favourite brands. Being an actress she has to wear makeup for long periods of time. So she makes sure that she removes all of it before going to bed at night.


Yami practices yoga and meditation regularly to get in better touch with her inner self. She believes that beauty stems from within one’s soul and so she meditates and does yoga to cleanse herself from within.

Light Makeup:

Yami Gautam Beauty Tips and Fitness Secrets

Unless necessary, Yami avoids wearing foundation or concealer. She just uses a simple moisturizer, some kajal and mascara, and a nude lip balm. She also never steps out in the sun without her Sunscreen on. MAC liquid foundation, Mascara by Maybelline, and Strawberry lip balms by The Body Shop are her favorite products.


She uses a homemade exfoliation pack regularly. It includes ground rice powder, milk, and yoghurt. This pack is easy to make and as easy to apply. It opens all her pores and allows her skin to breathe.

Hair Care:

Yami Gautam Beauty Tips and Fitness Secrets

She uses coconut oil, Olive oil, and egg white pastes to nourish her hair. Deep conditioning with olive oil allows her to maintain the glossy, shiny look of her thick tresses. Again she uses a minimum amount of chemical hair products to minimize any damage she does to her hair.

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Healthy Diet:

The key to her fit body and glowing skin is her healthy diet. She consumes a rich diet of fruits, vegetables and other vitamins and minerals. She consumes a glass of pomegranate juice daily. She starts her day with a glass of lukewarm water, lemon, and honey. She then has a light breakfast, a standard lunch which includes dal, vegetables or chicken curry with chapatti, curd, and cucumber salad and lots of fruits in between. Her evening snacks are again light and then dinner consists of grilled fish.

Beauty Boost:

Yami uses mascara when she needs a beauty boost. She believes that the correct use of mascara opens up your eyes and makes them look sexy. She also uses a good Clarins moisturizer to keep her face soft and shining.


Yami Gautam Beauty Tips and Fitness Secrets

Yami believes in experimenting with looks. There is no need for you to stick to a signature look. She often tries on new styles of makeup, new clothes, trends, etc. At the same time, she believes in not tampering with the essence of your identity. One should experiment but not go overboard in their attempt to change their look.