One of the renowned actresses and an all American, Kerry Washington, has been a favourite of us ever since her famous series Scandal started. However, that is not only where her recognition lies, as she has in her past starred in many wonder hits, including Django Unchained and the 2006 film The Dead Girl. Even though she has always been a stunner on screen, many wonder whether she is all that without the Universal studio makeup artists, and in this article, we shall put that to the test.

1. The Bold Move:

Top 9 Pictures of Kerry Washington Without Makeup

The dazzling stars often do not want to pose nude faces on the magazine covers, but Kerry Washington had a different feel. On the front jacket of Allure, Kerry Washington poses with her bare minimum as she looked stunning as ever. Other than a slight lip swab, she had no visible makeup.

2. Dressing Well:

Top 9 Pictures of Kerry Washington Without Makeup

Kerry has been voted the best-dressed female and living up to our expectations; here, we see Kerry in her most acceptable attire, wearing a cocktail evening piece with her sexy bob and cheetah print shoes. She had painted her face to the minimum, and without the professional hand at makeup, she looked beautiful.

3. Just a Normal Day:

Top 9 Pictures of Kerry Washington Without Makeup

Much like us, even the stars have a bad hair day or a zit on the forehead. However, Kerry Washington can pull off the look with much ease. Walking around in a checkered shirt and soft mid parted hair, the Scandal star sported some flawless skin with cute baby freckles on the side.

4. Errand Run:

Top 9 Pictures of Kerry Washington Without Makeup

This time Kerry donned all-white apparel as she walked about New York running errands. The tired schedule of the star has left her chores a mess, she admitted in an interview and finishing off with her shades on the eye and a flawless smile to go with it. Even without makeup, this time she appeared flawlessly skinned.

5. Airport Hassle:

Top 9 Pictures of Kerry Washington Without Makeup

We have all had those disgusting expressions having to go through airport security multiple times, and here we have Kerry Washington doing no less. Standing awaiting her green signal to move ahead, Kerry was seen in LAX with her hair in a bun and her glasses donned on. She never had any makeup on her face as she wrapped her scarf around her neck and continued.

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6. Baby Momma:

Top 9 Pictures of Kerry Washington Without Makeup

As rumours transpired about Kerry Washington finally embracing motherhood, the media were looking for any possible signs of baby bumps and giving the people exactly what they wanted; Kerry walked about in her all-denim, showing off her no-makeup look and her soft baby bump. Her hair was thrown in a bun backed by a band as she hung her bag slanted and walked away smiling.

7. Backstage Selfie:

Top 9 Pictures of Kerry Washington Without Makeup

While the intense cliff hanger to her Scandal series has got her fans going all over the place, Olivia Pope, her character in the series, posed backstage with the two lead roles of the drama series. Looking fine without makeup, all three of them gave their sweetest smile.

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8. A Day Off:

Top 9 Pictures of Kerry Washington Without Makeup

On her day off, Kerry decided to visit the Ed Sullivan theatre with her friends, and the photos revealed she looked beautiful without professional makeup help. A girl’s best friend is not diamonds, but her liner and gloss and sticking to girl code, the star had her hair in place and her face shining lovely.

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9. Being Savvy:

Top 9 Pictures of Kerry Washington Without Makeup

Kerry has always amazed us with her sudden style changes, be it casual day track pants or fitted going to the coffee denim. Dressed trendy in her jeans and black coat, Kerry left the building with her glasses on and showed clear signs of no makeup on her face.