Top 14 Kate Upton Without Makeup

Kate Upton is a very well known celebrity who has shown the world that there is always a way to look good without makeup. The fact is that Kate Upton is a lady who has always been against makeup whether it is on set or off set and you will see that this is the case even with her stylist who would rather use her natural looks to light up the camera rather than have make up take over her face. Kate is a very well known role model as well to millions of ladies all around the world as she has led the no makeup hypothetical march for the most part of her life and has shown people everywhere that makeup does not make you famous but a positive attitude coupled by loving yourself is all that you need to actually make it to the top.

The internet is the best place to find an unlimited number of instances in this regard because with the internet blowing up with Kate Upton’s no makeup looks you will get an unlimited amount of choices to do your pickings from. Kate is a person who would rather enjoy a healthy lifestyle with healthy food, exercise and plenty of water to keep herself in peak condition at all times. This is the best way to fight against the effects of ageing on many different levels. It not only keeps you active but you do well to stop using makeup to look good because now you look as natural as can be with a wonderful body and looks to match. Kate is an idol to the world for her successful self made career and confidence to match making her one of the world’s foremost no makeup divas to ever hit the screen.

Given Below are a few instances of Kate Upton no makeup so that you too can understand the true beauty of this natural diva:

1. Brilliant Smile:

Top 14 Kate Upton Without Makeup

Kate has been very well known to have one of the best smiles in the industry with her smile just radiating her face more than any makeup would ever be able to do. Her smile is like a weapon that sears the hearts of millions.

2. The Minimalist:

Top 14 Kate Upton Without Makeup

Though Kate is a person who absolutely abhors makeup like every other person she too carries about her essentials which she does not move ahead of. Her essentials include a mascara or eyeliner followed by a lipstick or some blush to keep her ready for any situation.

3. Night Out:

Top 14 Kate Upton Without Makeup

Kate Upton is looking absolutely stunning enjoying a night out with her friends where you can see that even though she is looking absolutely stunning you can still see that her face is devoid of elaborate makeup and only consists of the essentials that were mentioned above.

4. Casuals:

Top 14 Kate Upton Without Makeup


This casual look that Kate Upton pulls off so well is actually her favourite look because it makes her feel very comfortable and free. Her face is devoid of any makeup which proves how much this wonderful lady loves herself.

5. On The Red Carpet:

Top 14 Kate Upton Without Makeup

Kate is a very well known celebrity and has visited almost every awards ceremony and event held in the industry and she has rocked all of them with a look that is much different than the last time but still holds this lady’s beautiful features in the spotlight.

6. Premier Picture:

Top 14 Kate Upton Without Makeup

This picture was taken of Kate at one of her premiers where she is looking absolutely dazzling with a no makeup look that is actually turning the heads of people that are sitting around her.

7. On Screen Still:

Top 14 Kate Upton Without Makeup

This is a picture taken of Kate when she was shooting one of her well to do movies and it shows the fact that was mentioned above where Kate Upton would rather radiate the screen with her natural looks than using elaborate makeup to do so.

8. Candid:

Top 14 Kate Upton Without Makeup

This picture was taken of Kate when she least expected it but turned out to be a very viral candid of this wonderful celebrity who even at this point looks absolutely radiating without makeup as you can see from her face.

9. No Makeup Selfie:

Top 14 Kate Upton Without Makeup

This picture taken of Kate Upton was a self portrait or selfie as it is known on the street and is one of the best pictures of this wonderful lady as it portrays the innocence yet smoldering value of this natural beauty.

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10. Off Camera Picture:

Top 14 Kate Upton Without Makeup

This is another picture taken on the sets of one of Kate’s movies shows her ready for the next shot without the elaborate requirement of a makeup touch up because as you can see her stylist would rather use her good looks for the screen.

11. Only Essentials:

Top 14 Kate Upton Without Makeup

As mentioned above Kate Upton is a minimalist who only carries what she needs but there are other assortments as well which include lip gloss and other essentials which just add color and are not really elaborate makeup.

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12. Another On-Screen Picture:

Top 14 Kate Upton Without Makeup

This is another picture taken of Kat while doing a role on screen showing how pretty and naturally beautiful this wonderful lady is actually.

13. Photo Shoot:

Top 14 Kate Upton Without Makeup

Like every other celebrity Kate has been in a number of photo shoots as well where she has been the delight of the camera with her natural looks and smoldering eyes.

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14. Out With Friends:

Top 14 Kate Upton Without Makeup

Kate loves to hang out with friends and this picture is the perfect representation of this fact and even puts a huge highlight on Kate upton without makeup because with her friends she is as casual as possible and loves to be natural.

Kate Upton with no makeup is the talk of the town and has given the ladies from all around the world a reason to love them and start giving them a lot more credit than they normally do. Kate is a successful lady who has not forgotten her roots which has kept her grounded.