Samantha Harris Beauty Tips and Fitness Secrets

Samantha Harris, the familiar face of Entertainment Tonight and former co-host of Dancing with the Stars is a champion when it comes to juggling her professional and personal life. A wife and mother of two, she still looks stunning at 40. For those of you wondering how this model turned television host and actress has managed to maintain her fine looks and desirable figure, Here’s some reveals information on the red carpet tv hostess Samantha harris’ beauty tips and Fitness routine at home.

Samantha Harris Beauty Tips and Fitness Secrets

TV Host Samantha Harris Beauty Tips and Fitness Secrets.

Samantha Harris Makeup Tips:

Samantha Harris has always been candid about her daily use of cosmetics which she uses to enhance her naturally good looks. Of all the beauty products she loves best and simply cannot do without are an Aqua for ointment for her lips, cuticles and random dry patches, water-proof mascara, and under-eye concealer. She is a strong advocate of foundation and under-eye concealer which she believes is a new mother’s secret weapon to looking fresh and bright post-pregnancy.

Samantha Harris Beauty Tips and Fitness Secrets

Samantha Harris also admits to being a good self-tanner making her tanned look one of the prerequisites of her beauty routine before any event. She states that it gives one an island glow in a healthy way and makes any gown look better. Her many ballroom gown appearances are a sure indicator of that fact.

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Samantha Harris’ Skin and Hair Care Regime:

Like all other celebrities, Samantha Harris knows the importance of a good cleansing, toning, and moisturizing routine. Not one for spending too much time in salons, the two-time mom does her own manicures and pedicures on her bathroom floor with her four-year-old daughter being her sole customer. Her skin gets a further pampering to spa treatments where an ideal spa day for her starts with a great cardio workout followed by a deep tissue massage for a full 90 minutes then a facial and rounded off with a steam and Jacuzzi.

Samantha Harris Beauty Tips and Fitness Secrets

As for Samantha’s naturally lush brunette locks, she could put any young girl in the shade. Her long flowing mane which she mostly wears up or half-up and half-down in layered curls frames her oval-shaped face perfectly. If you want to replicate Samantha’s signature hairstyle, here are some tips revealed by one of her hairstylists. Wash your hair and apply a volumizing mousse to damp hair. Then blow-dry your hair till completely dry after which curl your hair in large sections with a 2-inch curling iron. For the final touch, use your fingers to rake through the curls and separate them and last of all apply a strong hairspray to keep those flowing tendrils in place.

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Samantha Harris’ Diet and Fitness Secrets:

Samantha admits to having a sweet tooth and her everyday indulgence in desserts which she simply cannot resist. So the key she says to a healthy diet is finding the right balance which she does by opting for healthier food choices. Her staple diet includes egg-whites, non-fat yoghurt, lean chicken breasts, brown rice, and salads with low-calorie dressing while she has altogether given up on red meat and cheese to aid in her weight loss program.

Samantha Harris Beauty Tips and Fitness Secrets

A fitness freak, Samantha also works religiously to stay in shape by doing weight exercises which she is fond of. Her fitness workout consists of repetition routines with three to five-pound weights and flat pull-downs and flies. She exercises using free weights and is even a certified fitness trainer taking actual fitness and weight loss classes whenever time permits. She is also fond of doing power walks in the park or up and down the stairs with her daughter Josselyn in her arms and her husband by her side. For her, sharing this weight-loss activity with her loved ones is the best motivator and her biggest weight-loss support.

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