Padma Lakshmi Beauty Tips and Fitness Secrets

Padma Lakshmi Beauty Tips and Fitness Secrets

Padma Lakshmi is a South Indian lady who is a model turned cookbook author, who wrote a book called Easy Exotic. She is now also hosting a TV show along with Chef Tom Colicchio. She is one beauty who is commendable for maintaining her flawless skin. She is a diva who can attract men and make women envy even after crossing her 40’s. She follows a systematic regime and she believes that people can stay healthy by doing so. We enlisted below Padma Lakshmi Beauty Tips and Fitness Secrets to follow.

Padma Lakshmi Beauty Tips and Fitness Secrets:

Let we have to look at the Padma Lakshmi beauty tips.

Padma Lakshmi Skin:

Padma Lakshmi Beauty Tips and Fitness Secrets

Padma Lakshmi believes that to have flawless skin one must have smooth skin. Smooth skin makes your body look shiny and makes it glow. She keeps herself hydrated with moisturizers throughout the year in order to keep her skin smooth. She prefers moisturizers which are of light and have no problem in them. Hydration of the body is important for every woman to possess good skin is what she stated at an event. She religiously relies on sunscreen when she has to go for events and always keeps them handy.

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Padma Lakshmi Makeup:

Padma Lakshmi Beauty Tips and Fitness Secrets

Padma Lakshmi is unlike the other celebrities who rely on too much of makeup. She is found to appear in events and outdoors mostly in minimal makeup. Even when she is hosting she is found with the least of makeup on screen. Now that’s something commendable that too at her age.

Padma Lakshmi Hair and Eyes:

Padma Lakshmi Beauty Tips and Fitness Secrets

South Indian women are always known for their long, lustrous, and thick black hair. Padma Lakshmi too possesses this sort of hair.  She likes to keep her hair open most of the times and she takes proper care of it with the help of expert advice and also with regular washing and conditioning. The chef likes to keep her eye makeup simple. She often likes to use eyeliners to make outlines and keeps her eyelashes beautiful with a little mascara.

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Natural Remedies:

Padma Lakshmi uses a few essential oils to keeps her skin glowing always. She prefers using orange blossom, moringa seed, mint, and wild pansy essential oils and these take care of her beautiful skin. She regularly cleans her face with warm water and tea tree oil before she goes to bed as this helps her clean her clogged pores. She also makes it a point to have adequate water on a regular basis to avoid dehydration and for detoxification.

Dressing Sense:

Padma Lakshmi Beauty Tips and Fitness Secrets

A supermodel or any celebrity needs to give proper attention to what they wear. Padma Lakshmi pays more heed to what she wears and how she carries herself more than what she does for her makeup. her wardrobe, like any other celebrity, is full of designer wears. She often chooses to wear bold and vibrant colors which suit her dusky complexion.

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Padma Lakshmi Diet Secrets:

Padma Lakshmi Beauty Tips and Fitness Secrets

What can you say about a chef who loves to eat, and on the contrary who is also a supermodel and has to restrict her food habits to a level that things don’t lose control. She has always been fond of cooking and eating and she loves to experience different preparations of food. For her diet, she sticks on to less oily foods. She has an extreme love for fruits which can make her live on them. She loves to eat brown rice, salads, fish, chicken, and veggies.

Padma Lakshmi Fitness Secrets:

Padma Lakshmi Beauty Tips and Fitness Secrets

The model loves to work out and tries to hit the gym at least 5 times a week. She does a lot of cardio exercises, treadmills or elliptical machines. She also loves to do yoga and meditation for fitness and peace. The biggest secret about her fitness is that she also enjoys boxing, which she had reduced after her delivery.