Best Kept Beauty Secrets Of Jennifer Aniston Revealed

Jennifer Aniston, popular by her screen name Rachel in the super hit television series “Friend”, is known for her beauty. She was once labelled “the sexiest woman alive”. Her beauty is constantly a topic for fashion police, media, and even her fans. She manages to pull off every look effortlessly and looks quite stunning even in her 40’s. Jennifer Aniston is also known for flaunting her bare-faced look, where she illustrates how to age gracefully. She believes in staying real and accepting life the way it is. Unlike a lot of people who take fillers and Botox, Jennifer Aniston keeps it natural. In this article, we reveal some of Jennifer Aniston’s beauty tips and fitness secrets to know how this damsel manages to look so good.

Best Kept Beauty Secrets Of Jennifer Aniston Revealed

Jennifer Aniston Beauty Secrets:

Fitness Secrets:

  • Yoga:

Best Kept Beauty Secrets Of Jennifer Aniston Revealed

The secret to this 44-years-old actress’s amazing body is nothing other than yoga! Regular yoga practice for even 15 minutes keeps you fit and healthy. Jennifer has managed to look exactly like what she looked like ten years ago. If you don’t believe me you can compare pictures of her from then and now! She does scissor kicks, lunges or pile bends to gain muscle strength. Besides these, her daily routine includes sun salutations and the bridge, butterfly, and tree pose.

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  • Cardio Workout:

Best Kept Beauty Secrets Of Jennifer Aniston Revealed

Along with Yoga, Jennifer Aniston has a stringent exercise regime which involves a lot of cardio exercises like walking, jumping, jogging, etc. She makes sure that her workout happens at least 5 to 6 times a week, which means almost every day. Her favorite combination of workout to do a combination of spinning, running, and elliptical for about 40 minutes. She also does Pilates one day a week.

Jennifer Aniston Hair Tips:

  • Hairstyles:

Best Kept Beauty Secrets Of Jennifer Aniston Revealed

Believe it or not, this actress doesn’t believe in blow-drying her hair! She believes in letting it air dry. She likes that natural look that air drying gives her hair. If you want curls or waves you can make two pigtails and go to sleep in them. This will give you a natural wavy look in the morning without using any curlers or burning and destroying any hair! When she goes natural she just lets it shape her face and then applies   Living Proof Amp 2 Instant Texture Volumizer to bring it in better shape.  If she ever has to blow dry her hair then she puts a leave-in conditioner on beforehand.

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Beauty Tips Of Jennifer Aniston:

  • Petroleum Jelly:

Jennifer swears by this product! You can use it as a lash conditioner by applying it upon your mascara! It gives your lashes that glossy look that mascara can sometimes fail to achieve.

  • Aveeno Lip Balm:

Best Kept Beauty Secrets Of Jennifer Aniston Revealed

She uses Aveeno lip balm to avoid chapped or cracked lips. Lip makeup as important as the yes or the hair. Different styles can make your lips look fuller or thinner or sharper.

  • Beauty Regime:

Best Kept Beauty Secrets Of Jennifer Aniston Revealed

She drinks a lot of water to flush out all the excess toxins in her body and keep her face glowing. she uses a moisturizer along with a SPF, daily. To keep her face looking fresh, she steams her pores and applies face wash and toner. The moisturizer comes afterward.

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Jennifer Aniston Makeup Tips:

  • Makeup:

Best Kept Beauty Secrets Of Jennifer Aniston Revealed

Jennifer prefers nude makeup to bright colors like red. She has been known to say that she can’t pull off red lipstick. She uses nude lipstick, beige and brown eye shadows, tinted moisturizer, and sheer foundation. She feels that too much bling is unsuitable for her, which is true. She pulls off nude makeup better than anybody else! Some of the cosmetics used by her regularly include Estée Lauder’s Automatic Lip Pencil Duo in fig, Dr. Hauschka Moisturizing Day Cream, La Mer The Treatment Fluid Foundation, and Neutrogena’s $3 Original Facial Cleansing Bar.

Jennifer Aniston Skin Tips:

  • Facial Stimulating Treatments:

Best Kept Beauty Secrets Of Jennifer Aniston Revealed

Jennifer Aniston reveals her secrets to flawless, smooth skin. She believes in the fact that after a certain age, you need treatments that stimulate your facial muscles for better blood circulation. This is the best anti-ageing tip to prevent wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging skin. She regularly gets microcurrent facials are done which help in instantly tightening and toning skin muscles.

Jennifer Aniston Diet Secrets:

  • Diet:

Best Kept Beauty Secrets Of Jennifer Aniston Revealed

Jennifer enjoys a well-balanced diet rich in flaxseed oil, vitamin C, and multivitamins. For breakfast she has a watermelon smoothie, for lunch, she has a soup of dandelion seeds, spinach, and green vegetables, while for dinner she has a salad which contains garlic, sea salt, one bunch of chopped parsley, tomato, and half a white onion. She is also been known to use a baby food crash diet to lose weight fast. She also eats a lot of salad.

Jennifer Aniston is a very disciplined person. Behind her beautiful skin and figure, there is an immense amount of hard work and dedication towards her body. Jennifer Aniston believes that there is no shortcut to success. One must regularly maintain their bodies and it’s important to choose the right combination of beauty, skin, workout, and diet tips. She also advises people not to indulge in Botox for long as they can paralyze your facial muscles. She vouches for keeping her skin free from makeup as much as possible to prevent skin damage. We hope you follow her tips and stay as gorgeous as this diva!