9 Best Hollywood Beauty Secrets and Tips

Hollywood actresses have been admired by all. Most of these people look pretty normal without makeup! You would be shocked to see some of those faces. So all you need to do to look like them is learn some of the tricks of the trade. That’s easier said than done. Where do you begin searching for these tricks? How do you know which ones to apply and which ones to ignore? Well, we’ve tried making your task a little easier. Here is a list of the best Hollywood beauty secrets.

Hollywood Beauty Secrets and Tips:

1. Eye Makeup:

9 Best Hollywood Beauty Secrets and Tips

Eyes are the most important feature of your face. With the right makeup, all eyes can be made to look incredible! Use kohl marker or navy blueliners to darken the rim of your upper lids. This makes the whites of your eyes stand out.

The dark lining of eyes looks best for people who have light Coloured eyes. If you had a late night and want to make your eyes a bit perkier, just dab the bags under your eyes with aloe gel. Using a liquid liner requires skillful hands. To make your task easier you can use a taupe liner first and a liquid one after that.

2. Mascara:

9 Best Hollywood Beauty Secrets and Tips

Always use two kinds of mascara for the upper and lower lashes. Use the thick glossy kind for the upper and the waterproof kind for the lower. If you possess blond lash roots, that are difficult to reach with the normal mascara, you can use a very fine-tip black liquid liner.

3. Using Sheets to Control Friskiness:

Frizzy hairs can be controlled by using dryer sheets. These work really well for fast shots. Just run a sheet over your hair and it will tame the friskiness.

4. Getting Rid of Blemishes:

9 Best Hollywood Beauty Secrets and Tips

There is an excellent remedy for blemishes that is used frequently by people in Hollywood. Mix one packet of dry yeast with the juice of half a lemon and make it into a paste. Spread this paste upon your face and let it dry. Then remove it and along with it all your blemishes!

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5. Lip Makeup:

9 Best Hollywood Beauty Secrets and Tips

Mastering lip makeup is a key to good looks too. Nude lips look excellent and are suitable for all occasions. Now you may use some other form of lipstick which may work for you. If that’s the case then don’t go changing it to something that is not suitable for you. Generally speaking, you should line your lips with a neutral liner then fill it in leaving the center blank so that it has a pink shiny look once you use the gloss. For a fuller set of lips use Make Up For Ever’s double-tipped concealer pencil. Smudge the line a bit to soften the effect and then gloss.

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6. Eyebrow Makeup:

9 Best Hollywood Beauty Secrets and Tips

Yes, eyebrows need makeup too! Keeping them well groomed is key to making your face look pretty. When you use powders to fill them in, use tones that will make it look natural like ash Coloured powder.

7. Concealer Follows Foundation:

Never use the concealer first and then blend it in with the foundation. Concealer should always succeed foundation rather than precede.

8. Conditioning Tips:

9 Best Hollywood Beauty Secrets and Tips

To maximize the benefits of any conditioner stand in a steamy shower, with the conditioner on for at least ten minutes. The steam breaks down the conditioner and makes it easier to soften and smooth your hair.

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9. Keeping Skin Soft in Winter:

9 Best Hollywood Beauty Secrets and Tips

Winter means hot showers and baths. But this is exactly what becomes our undoing. Avoid hot water in baths and showers and use baby oil before lathering on moisturizers. This is a foolproof method of keeping your skin glowing.

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